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    Sixth Grade Bibliography

    1. For each source listed, begin first line at margin and      indent each line that follows.
    2. Underline or use italics for titles of books,      periodicals and software. Titles of articles are enclosed in quotation      marks.
    3. Note punctuation and follow exactly.
    4. If required information, such as author or place of      publication, is not available, just leave it out.
    5. Arrange all sources in one list, alphabetically by      first word, which will generally be either the author’s last name or the      first important word of the title.



    Book with one author:

    1. Author.
    2. Title of book.(underlined)
    3. City of publication:
    4. Publisher, date of publication.
    1. Anderson, Dale.  A Soldier’s Life in the Civil WarMilwaukee
    2.     WI:  World Almanac Library, 2004.

    Book with two authors:

    1. Authors (in the order they are given in the book).
    2. Title of book.(underlined)
    3. City of publication:
    4. Publisher, date.
    1. 5.  Ride, Sally and Tam O’Shaughnessy.  The Mystery of Mars
    2.        New York:  Crown, 1999.

    Encyclopedia and other familiar reference books:

    1. Author of article (if available).
    2. “Title of article.”
    3. Title of book.(underlined)
    4. Date of edition. (Volume and page number not necessary      if articles are arranged alphabetically).
    1. Cunningham, Noble E., Jr.  “Jefferson, Thomas.”  The World Book
    2.     Encyclopedia. 2006.
    3. “France.”  Compton’s Encyclopedia.  2004.

    Article in a periodical:

    1. Author (if available).
    2. “Title of article.”
    3. Periodical title  (underlined) date: page.
    1. Childress, Diane.  “Traders East and West.”  Calliope
    2.     Feb. 1996:  13-15.
    3. “Atomic Benchmarks”  Kids Discover March 2006:
    4.     4-5.

    10.Wallis, Cludia.  “The Evolution Wars.”  Time

    1. 15 August 2005: 27-35.

    13.”N.F.L. Training Camp Report”  The New York Times

    1. 15 August 2005: 12D.


    1. Name of person interviewed.
    2. Type of interview.
    3. Date of interview.
    1. Corzine,Jon.  Personal interview. 20 March 2006.
    2. Pitt, Brad.  Telephone interview. 26 January 2006.


    Encyclopedia Online:

    1. Author, if shown.
    2. “Title of the article.”
    3. Name of encyclopedia  (underlined).
    4. Date of your visit (day, month, year — see example)
    5. <First part of http address>. (enclosed in angle      brackets).
    1. 8.  Chase, Philander D. “Washington, George.”  World Book Online.
    2.        22 March 2006 <>.

    11.Duffy, Norman V. “Chemistry”  Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia.

    1. 10 September 1999 <>.

    Periodical article found on an online database:

    1. Author.
    2. “Title of article.”
    3. Periodical title  (underlined) date: page.
    4. Name of database.(underlined)
    5. Publisher of database (if available).
    6. Date of visit
    7. <first part of http address>. (enclosed in angle      brackets)
    1. McKinley, Cynthia R.  “Battle Style Blunders.”
    2.     Cobblestone Nov. 2005: 10-13. Primary Search. EBSCO Publishing.
    3. 12 Dec. 2006 <>.

    12.O’Meara, Donna.  “Afghanistan and the United States.”  Faces

    1. March 2006: 12-13.  Middle Search Plus. EBSCO Publishing.

    26 Jan. 2006 <>.


    World Wide Web:

    1. Author (if known).
    2. “Title of article.”
    3. Title of complete work. (if relevant, underlined)
    4. date of visit
    5. <full http address>. (enclosed in angle brackets)
    1.  Norton, R.J. “An Overview of John Wilkes Booth’s Assassination of
    2.        President Abraham Lincoln.” Abraham Lincoln Research Site.
    3.        28 November 2005 <>.

    10.”Statistical Summary:  America’s Major Wars.”  The U.S. Civil

    1.     War Center. 14 March 2006 <
    2. stats/warcost.htm>.

    14.Arnett, Bill. “Callisto.”  The Nine Planets. 21 Feb. 2006

    1. <>.

    17.Winter, Mark.  “Nitrogen.”  WebElements periodic table.  9 July 2005