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  • Social Studies

    Mrs. Barker’s Social Studies Egyptian Presentations


    1.  Each student will draw a topic from Mrs. Barker.

    2.  Students will research their topic.

    3.  Students will compose a short mini lesson on his/her topic.

    4.  Mini lessons will last anywhere from 2-3 minutes.

    5.  We will take 3 days to present.   Oct. 7, 8,  & 10  (Oct. 11 if need be)

    6.  Student’s names will be drawn each day during their rotation time to determine the order of presentations.  If a student is unprepared, they will get another chance to present the following day.

    7.  Presentations must include a visual aid of some kind.

    8.  Powerpoint presentations may be e-mailed to Mrs. Barker’s computer at or downloaded to a portable device.