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April 12 Insurance

Homebase Lesson April 12: Insurance

This PDF helps students prepare for and understand why we purchase insurance:


April 5 Compare Interest Rates

??????Homebase Lesson April 5: Compare interest rates

This PDF helps students understand the costs involved in using credit. To complete the activity, you may want share with them, in Part II, some of the mail you have received soliciting you to apply for cards.


March 29 Paying for College

Homebase Lesson: March 29 Paying for College

This PDF will give you insight into college costs and how to pay for college


This Website gives an idea of current costs for future education in Utah. Where is the most expensive, the least? Why are private schools more?


The Do’s and Don’ts of Job Interviews– March 22

Homebase Lesson: Tuesday, March 22 Watch both videos below and discuss as a class:

This first video clip will give you some insightful tips about interviewing for jobs: Interview – Do’s and Don’t

Watch the following video clip and after each discuss what may have gone wrong: Job Interviews Gone Wrong

March Madness- March 15

Homebase Lesson for Tuesday, March 15th Please click on the link below:

March Madness

The Five Chinese Brothers

CTE Intro class The Five Chinese Brothers

Team Building Activity

CAREERS: Self-Awareness HB Lesson 3/8

Choosing a Career SELF-ASSESSMENT

March 8 Homebase Lesson: Students will need a piece of paper and something to write with.

Please use the presentation below:

Choosing a Career- Self-Assessment