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SEOP Information: Homebase Lesson, Tuesday September 6

SEOP TH Bell Junior High

Teachers: The SEOP papers will be in your mailboxes prior to Tuesday (there is a link above to the paper if you need to print it out). Please pass out one paper to each student and have them fill it out. Please collect the papers and bring them to the […]

My School’s Cool Program

May 2011 – April 2012 Program Overview Schools compete with each other for the highest accumulation of points and earn cash rewards. Participating schools earn points by shopping at Newgate Mall and submitting receipts to their school coordinator. Each dollar spent at the mall earns the participating school one point. Receipts will be rounded […]

Homebase Class: Tuesday August 30 Fire Drill Procedures

Use this Presentation: Action Evacuation

Teachers we will have a fire drill during this week. Please take time to go over procedures for this activity. You received a diagram of the football field with your locations on it. Review that with your students

1. Emphasis on your location on the football field. 2. That regardless […]

Homebase Class: Thursday August 25 Bullying and Hazing Prevention in Weber School District

Below is the PowerPoint for the SHU Box:

Place to Report Bullying

Silence Hurts Us