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Tuesday, October 4 Homebase Lesson: Self Efficacy Test

Homebase Lesson: Self Efficacy Test

Students will need a piece of scratch paper and something to write with, to complete the test.

Homebase Lesson Tuesday October 4 Self Efficacy Test

Tuesday, September 27 Homebase Lesson: Committment

Committment to Education Presentation:


CTE Lesson #19 SEOP

The SEOP lesson:

Presentation for Lesson #19


Student Education Occupation Plan SEOP

Student Education Occupation Plan SEOP meetings begin next week for 7th graders. Please watch in the mail for your scheduled appointment.

What is an SEOP? SEOP stands for Student Education Occupation Planning. This meeting is very positive and it is time for the student to discuss academic progress, set goals, celebrate accomplishments, discuss high school […]

Balancing Life and Roles: Organization Skills & Stress Management

Peace Today… World Peace Now!

My School's Cool Video

Thank you to Mrs. Folker

Reflections Contest

Please show this video during homebase class when you have time.

Tuesday, September 20 Homebase Lesson:

Please use the following presentation:

Homebase Academics

The following is a clip that you may show in addition to the presentation:

Tuesday, September 13 Homebase Lesson: Video and Door Decorating Contest

Click on the picture below to view the “INSPIRATIONAL – HOW GREAT I AM” VIDEO.

Door Decoration Rules:

Use the theme “Forever Strong” You have until Tuesday September 20th to complete Judging of the doors will begin after Homebase on September 20th