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Tuesday, November 1 and November 8 Homebase Lesson: Foul Language and Profanity

Teachers for the next two Tuesdays please use the following presentation for the character education lessons. THANKS!

Foul Language and Profanity:

Foul Language

RULES: Halloween Costume Dress-up Day



Categories: Best Overall Celebrity/ Character Funniest Scariest Most Original Best Group Costume Best Costume by Staff Member

Reminders of Rules: Absolutely No Masks No Entire Face Painting No Gang Attire No Weapons School Dress Standards of Modesty Apply

These rules will be strictly enforced!


Wednesday, October 26 Homebase: Red Ribbon Day

Homebase: Red Ribbons given out during homebase (these will be in the teacher’s boxes) Lunchtime Activity: Selling Red Rope Licorice .50 if students are wearing their red ribbon, $1.00 if not.

Tuesday, October 25 Homebase: “It’s Up To Me To Be Drug Free”

Theme: “It’s Up To Me To Be Drug Free”Professional Dress Day “Be the BEST You” Dress in your best clothes to come to school. Homebase: “Best Grades Competition” Count up all A’s that your homebase students currently have and then email Mrs. Garner the number of A’s and the number of students that you have […]

Monday, October 24 Homebase: "What's Your Anti-Drug?"

Theme: “What’s Your Anti-Drug?” Homebase: Show Anti-Drug Video

Cut out Shoe Prints, Write what your anti-drug is on the shoe, (the Shoe Prints will be in your teacher boxes) Bring all of the shoes to the counseling office. Lunchtime Activities: are going to be in the Gym (peerleaders have planned games during lunch)


Tuesday, October 18 Homebase Lesson: Red Ribbon Week History & Activities

Review the History of Red Ribbon Week with the students by going to the following website:

Kiki and the History of Red Ribbon Week

Then announce the events for next week:

Monday October 24 Theme: “What’s Your Anti-Drug?” Homebase: Show Video, Cut out Shoe Prints, Write what your anti-drug is on the shoe […]

Band and Choir Concerts: Proper Etiquette

Learn proper etiquette for our upcoming band and choir concerts. Have courtesy and respect for the performers. Watch the following video clip so that you may take the proper steps towards being a good audience at concerts.

Tuesday, October 11 Homebase Lesson: Resiliency

Have the students watch each video. If there is time you can talk about what was taught.