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Tuesday, February 28 Homebase Lesson: "Why Do People Abuse Animals"

Use the following presentation for today’s homebase lesson:

Why Do People Abuse Animals

Wednesday, February 22 Homebase Lesson: “Pay it Forward Week”

Pay it Forward Powerpoint: From Mr. Patterson

Stand Up!

Tuesday, February 21 Homebase Lesson: "Pay it Forward Week"

Tuesday: Heart Attack—The Cheerleaders and Officers will be placing hearts on every student’s locker. These students are also making a power point and video highlighting the week. This will be sent out by Matt as per e-mail.

Tuesday, February 14th Homebase Lesson: "Happy Valentines Day"

Use the following presentation for today’s homebase lesson: Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Day Presentation

A Charlie Brown Valentine



Tuesday, February 7th Homebase Lesson: "Humane Education"

Watch the following video for the character education lesson: “In the company of dogs video”

What is Humane Education? Humane Education starts with how we treat animals and then we will begin to see how it correlates to how we treat each other.