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Tuesday, May 15 Homebase Lesson: “212°: The Extra Degree”

A good video to watch and talk about with our students:

Tuesday, May 8 Homebase Lesson: “A Few Good Lessons”

Watch presentation: to Learn a few good lessons.

Good Lessons

Tuesday, May 1 Homebase Lesson: “Social Networking Safety”

Watch the following videos and discuss with class:

Tuesday, April 24 Homebase Lesson: “Military Kids”

Click on the following picture for the link to discuss with your Homebase class: Have your class read the article, discuss what it be would like to live a military life and ask if you have any class members who are military children.

Tuesday, April 17 Homebase Lesson: "Cheating"

This week go through the following scenarios and discuss: Click on the link to view presentation.


Tuesday, April 10 Homebase Lesson: "Hygiene and Dance Information"

Use the following presentation for today’s homebase lesson on Hygiene and Dance Information.


Remarkable Story: Jessica Cox

Jessica Cox shows great courage and how she doesn’t let her disability bring her down. (click to watch video in a powerpoint form)