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Homebase Lesson: Tuesday, October 30th "Costume Contest Rules"


Wednesday, OCTOBER 31st JUDGING DURING 2nd period

Categories: Best Overall Celebrity/ Character Funniest Scariest Most Original Best Group Costume Best Costume by Staff Member

Reminder of Rules: No Masks No Entire Face Painting No Gang Attire No Weapons School Dress Standards of Modesty Apply Rules will be Strictly Enforced!

Don’t be like […]

Homebase Lesson: Tuesday, October 23rd "Drug Free Pledge"

For homebase today, there are drug free pledge slips in your boxes. Please have each student sign their names to pledge to be drug free and then have the students tape the pledges to your classroom door. Below are a few links and history about Red Ribbon Week. You may want to share these with […]

Homebase Lesson: Tuesday, October 16th "Born To Be Drug Free"

Click on the following presentation to down load the powerpoint. Make sure to view it as a powerpoint show, for your class discussion, otherwise you will give the names away before seeing the picture:

October 16 Born to Be Drug Free

Homebase Lesson Tuesday, October 9 Friendship vs Peer Pressure

What does it take to be a good friend? (discussion)

To have good friends you must be a good friend. Here are some of the ways good friends treat each other:

#1 Good friends influence you towards making the right choices.

• Good friends listen to each other. • Good friends don’t put each other […]