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Homebase Lesson: Tuesday, November 27 "PENNY WARS"


When “War” makes Cents.

WHAT? A penny war combines the simplicity of a donation jar with the fun of a good-natured prank. Classrooms compete against one another by collecting pennies in labeled jars; the classroom with the most at the end of the contest wins. Sounds simple? Not so fast. Students can […]

Financial Aid and Scholarship Presentation

Need money for college? Join us for a Financial Aid and Scholarship Presentation

When: Wednesday, December 5, 4:30 – 5:30 PM Where: Testing Lab (Room 133) Bonneville High School

Presented by Weber State University’s Financial Aid Department.

Homebase Lesson Tuesday, November 20: "Mix it Up Day Activity"

Instructions to be given in Homebase lesson on Monday, November 19th Use the following presentation to explain the Mix it Up Day:

Mix it Up Day 2012

The wrist bands will be in your boxes for tomorrow’s lunch activity and please distribute them to your 1st period students.

Homebase Lesson Tuesday, November 13: "Match Up Activity"

Please refer to the email from Mr. Thorngren, last Friday. Link to PowerPoint: Vote Match Survey

Hey All,

If you look in your boxes, you will find some “Vote Match Survey” papers. Next week, starting on Monday, please have your HOMEBASE classes fill out their answers. Teachers and staff also need to fill out one […]

Homebase Lesson Tuesday, November 6: "Respect the Vote"

This was found on a student forum from Great Britain in 2010. It was written by a college student, who had just been able to vote for the first time, and describes some of the frustration experienced.

Please read as a class and then discuss the guided questions using the special rule for this activity. […]