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Homebase Lesson Tuesday, April 30: "Emotional Intelligence" And "NJHS: Blankets"

1st: Please show the following powerpoint to your homebase on behalf of the NJHS: BLANKET service project.


2nd: Discuss with class Emotional Intelligence

More Than One Kind of Intelligence

You may have heard people mention “IQ” when talking about intellect and how smart someone is. (For example, “My brother doesn’t need to study as […]

Homebase Lesson Tuesday, April 23: "Overcoming Stress"

Feeling like there are too many pressures and demands on you? Losing sleep worrying about tests and schoolwork? Eating on the run because your schedule is just too busy? You’re not alone. Everyone experiences stress at times — adults, teens, and even kids. But there are ways to minimize stress and manage the stress that’s […]

Homebase Lesson Tuesday, April 16: "Fighting off Depression"

5 Ways to Fight Depression

If you feel depressed, it’s best to do something about it — depression doesn’t just go away on its own. In addition to getting help from a doctor or therapist, here are 5 things you can do to feel better.

1. Exercise. Take a 15- to 30-minute brisk walk every […]

Homebase Lesson Tuesday, April 9: "Ways to Deal with Anxiety"

5 Ways to Deal With Anxiety

Everyone has feelings of anxiety, nervousness, tension, and stress from time to time. Here are 5 ways to help manage them:

1. Become a relaxation expert. We all think we know how to relax. But chilling out in front of the TV or computer isn’t true relaxation. (Depending on […]