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Spirit Week


Spirit Week PowerPoint

Student Learning Cycle PowerPoint

Student Learning Cycle

Click the link above to go to a short PowerPoint. Begin with the red box in the upper left corner. The resentation moves clockwise through the cycle. As you click, arrows will apear showing movement through the Learning Cycle. Discuss each area with your students.

Student Learning Cycle

Student Learning Cycle

Character Education Lesson September 17, 2013 Taking Responsibility

Taking Responsibility

It is common for people to avoid taking responsibility for their actions, especially if there will be a negative consequence attached to the behavior. People often try to make excuses or blame others in an effort to avoid admitting she or he made a mistake or to avoid having to work to solve […]

Weber School District Annual Parent Night 2013

Weber School District Annual Parent Night

Thursday, October 10, 2013

6:30 p.m.

Roy High School Little Theater

2150 West 4800 South

Roy, UT

Professionals will present valuable information on current issues

involving the safety of students.

Bullying […]

Complete your Story

Fill in the blanks, turn in, will be returned at CCR meeting with parent(s).

Hi, my name is _____________ ________________ , and I am in ____ grade at T.H. Bell Jr. High School. I am known in the halls for my ____________________ and __________________. The thing that has been awesome about T.H. Bell this […]