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8 Steps to Developing Self-Confidence

Developing and maintaining Self-Confidence is a key to being successful and happy in school and life. Show the Power Point and discuss each step with your class. There is a short 2 minute video clip on the last slide. If the video doesn’t play in the presentation use the video viewer. This lesson is adapted […]

Needs Assessment Parent Survey

Please take our Needs Assessment Survey for the 2014-2015 school year. Access the survey at: PLEASE PARTICIPATE IN OUR SURVEY

Please answer all 26 questions or the survey will not record your answers. All answers are anonymous. Data will be reviewed and used to improve counseling services at T.H. Bell. Thank you for participating.

Kevin Garnett Working Hard Pays

Working Hard Pays Click Here for Power Point

View the Power Point and discuss the value of hard work in school and career. Then click on the Kevin Garnett video link to view a 5:30 video in which Kevin Garnett discusses the value of hard work.

T.H. Bell Rules and Procedures Review

As we approach the middle of the school year a review of school rules and procedures is a good way to help students remember our behavior expectations. Show the attached Power Point and discuss the slides with your class. The presentation touches on some of the more important behavior expectations. Feel free to add your […]