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What Starts Here, Changes the World

Please view the video with your students. It is about 19:30 long. Then click on the PowerPoint to discuss Admiral McRaven’s 10 tips to having a better life.


Click Here for What Starts Here, Changes the World

Attendance and Truancy Policy

Today’s lesson reviews the school Attendance and Truancy policy. Please discuss the PowerPoint with you class. Students should understand the importance of attendance and being to class on time each day in order to do their best and be on track for graduation.


Click Here for Attendance Policies and Procedeures

Apple for the Teacher Awards

Today we will take a few minutes to honor a teacher that has made a difference in the lives of our students. There is a short Power Point to view with your students that explains the Apple for the Teacher Awards. There are nomination forms in your boxes to hand out to your Home Base […]

The Golden Rule Project

Mrs. Udink had provided us with this excellent presentation on The Golden Rule Project. The goal of this project is to reduce bullying and create an atmosphere of kindness and caring in schools. Please view the PowerPoint with your class and distribute the accompanying coloring page to your class. Have the students color as they […]