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You Can’t Auto-Correct Your Life

Click Here for You Cant Auto Correct Your Life

People are becoming more and more distracted by digital media and devices. Technology and social media can be useful if used appropriately. However, more and more teens are using technology in harmful ways. View the PowerPoint with your students and discuss the positives an negatives of […]

Cyber Bullying Prevention

This week we will discuss the issue of Cyber Bullying and what each person at T.H. Bell can do to make our school and community a safe place for everyone. There is a short video in the Power Point about one girl’s experience being a cyber bully. Click inside the video frame to start the […]

Reunification Drill

Friday, March 13, 2015, we will have our Reunification Drill for students, parents, faculty and law enforcement to practice what to do when it becomes necessary to release students to their parents in the event of a major emergency. View ad discuss the power point with your students. Encourage students to talk with their parents […]

T.H. Bell Rules and Procedures Review

As we approach the middle of the school year a review of school rules and procedures is a good way to help students remember our behavior expectations. Show the attached Power Point and discuss the slides with your class. The presentation touches on some of the more important behavior expectations. Feel free to add your […]

Friends Hotline

The Friends Hotline is a way for students to anonymously report unsafe situations to school administration. Examples include bullying, threats, fights, weapons, alcohol, drugs, sexual misconduct, dating violence, suicidal behaviors, or any dangerous situation that threaten their safety or their friend’s safety. The attached Power Point explains the Friends Hotline and how to use it. […]

Words Can Hurt

Words Can Hurt

School Rules and Procedures Home Base Lesson February 11, 2014

Building Hours and Procedures

This lesson is an opportunity to re-teach students our school rules and procedures. Please view the PowerPoint with your class and discuss behavior expectations at school.


Red Ribbon Week 2013

Red Ribbon Week

Homebase Character Education Lesson October 15, 2013

Character Education Lesson October 15, 2013 What is Good Character

A few weeks ago, Coach Matt Labrum of Union High School in Roosevelt, UT suspended his entire varsity football team after an incident of cyberbullying. Coach Labrum came up with a uniqe way for his players to learn the importance of having good character. Follow […]

Silence Hurts Us

Silence Hurts Us

We have a new and easy way for students or parents to report bullying when it happens at T.H. Bell. Students should be familiar with our Silence Hurts Us box (S.H.U. Box) located on the counter in the Counseling Center window. You can drop a note into the S.H.U. Box anytime and […]