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Summer Lunch Program 2017

Click Here for Summer lunch program


Buy a Yearbook

We are quickly coming to the end of the year and students still have time to purchase a yearbook. The deadline is May 19, 2017. The attached Power Point was made by Anamaria C. (with a few enhancements from me). Enjoy the show.

Click Here for Buy a Yearbook!!


Going For The Gold

As we near the end of the school year it is sometimes easy to coast and just make it over the finish line. Today we will view a Power Point about Olympic athlete Dave Wottle, who decided to stay in the race and finish. Access the lesson from your e-mail or here. Click Here for […]

Assessment to Achievement Data

Teachers and students have worked hard all year to improve the educational success at T.H. Bell. The attached Power Point show the progress we have made this year. Please take as much time as you like to review and discuss the data with your students. You may need to finish the Power Point with your […]

You Can’t Auto-Correct Your Life

Click Here for You Cant Auto Correct Your Life

People are becoming more and more distracted by digital media and devices. Technology and social media can be useful if used appropriately. However, more and more teens are using technology in harmful ways. View the PowerPoint with your students and discuss the positives an negatives of […]

Attendance and Truancy Policy

Today’s lesson reviews the school Attendance and Truancy policy. Please discuss the PowerPoint with you class. Students should understand the importance of attendance and being to class on time each day in order to do their best and be on track for graduation.


Click Here for Attendance Policies and Procedeures

Counseling Calendar

Calendar 2015-16 (003)

Cyber Bullying Prevention

This week we will discuss the issue of Cyber Bullying and what each person at T.H. Bell can do to make our school and community a safe place for everyone. There is a short video in the Power Point about one girl’s experience being a cyber bully. Click inside the video frame to start the […]

A Winning SAGE Plan

A Winning SAGE Plan Click Here for Power Point

Preparing for SAGE Testing

Standardized Test Taking 2015 Click here for Power Point Lesson