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Summer Lunch Program 2017

Click Here for Summer lunch program


Buy a Yearbook

We are quickly coming to the end of the year and students still have time to purchase a yearbook. The deadline is May 19, 2017. The attached Power Point was made by Anamaria C. (with a few enhancements from me). Enjoy the show.

Click Here for Buy a Yearbook!!


Yearbook Activity- Superlatives!

Click Here For Superlatives

Today we will complete the Superlatives activity for the Yearbook staff. View the short Power Point with your class and have them fill out the forms. Return the Forms to Mrs. Folker so the Yearbook staff can add some more fun to the yearbook. – Thank you.

Assessment to Achievement Data

Teachers and students have worked hard all year to improve the educational success at T.H. Bell. The attached Power Point show the progress we have made this year. Please take as much time as you like to review and discuss the data with your students. You may need to finish the Power Point with your […]

A Winning SAGE Plan

A Winning SAGE Plan Click Here for Power Point

Preparing for SAGE Testing

Standardized Test Taking 2015 Click here for Power Point Lesson

Janine Shepherd: A Broken Body Isn’t a Broken Person

<iframe src=”http://embed.ted.com/talks/janine_shepherd_a_broken_body_isn_t_a_broken_person.html” width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>

The Birth of the Constitution: Charlie Brown


SUBJECTS — U.S./Creating the Nation; MORAL-ETHICAL EMPHASIS — Trustworthiness and Citizenship.

Linus organizes the Peanuts characters to keep Independence Hall clean and functioning during the Constitutional Convention. They are able to watch some of the debates as they go about their duties. They loan […]

Band and Choir Concerts: Proper Etiquette

Learn proper etiquette for our upcoming band and choir concerts. Have courtesy and respect for the performers. Watch the following video clip so that you may take the proper steps towards being a good audience at concerts.

Balancing Life and Roles: Organization Skills & Stress Management