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College and Career Readiness

Junior High is a great time for you and your student to start looking into careers and post-high school training options. A great way to get started is to contact your student’s counselor. You can also look up College and Career information at www.stepuputah.com StepUp Utah provides great information on planning and saving for college. […]

Helping a Friend with Depression

Please view and discuss the Power Point with your students.

Click here for Helping a Friend

Precepts Home Base Lesson

Click on the link to view the Power Point with your students. Discuss what each precept means to you and them.


Click here for Precepts Home Base Lesson

Not In Our Community


Dr. Jeff Stephens, Superintendent of Weber School District has challenges all employees and students to help create a safe and caring environment in all of our school. View the video and discuss.

Burger King Bullies

Newgate Mall School Rewards Program 2017-18

Newgate mall school rewards program 2017 to 2018

Newgate Mall has changed the School Rewards Program. This is now a monthly contest to win $2,000 for our school. Please view and discuss the Power Point. The contest begins October 1, 2017.

Hope Squad Nominations

We will be starting a Hope Squad for next year to address suicide prevention in schools. Please view and discuss the Power Point with your class. Students can nominate up to three of their peers to serve on the Hope Squad.

Click Here for Hope Squad Presentation


Taking Care of Our Environment

Review and discuss with your classes. This lesson addresses several problems that are occurring here at school that have been getting a little out of control as of late.

Click Here for Taking Care of Our Environment

SAGE Assessments

Click Here for SAGE Assessments 2017

Career Day- Top Ten ways to Lose Your Job

Friday is Career Day. This lesson gives some of the most often reasons people lose their jobs. Share and discuss with your class.

Click Here for Top Ten Ways to Lose Your Job