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Credit: Make up Options for 9th Grade Students

Dear 9th Grade Parents/Guardians:

Please review your student’s report card and if he/she has failed any quarter/term of English 9, Mathematics (Algebra, Geometry), Science and/or World Geography, then your child must make up that missed credit. These subjects are required for high school graduation. Elective credit may also be made up through some of the programs. There are several different ways to make up credit and you may choose from the following programs:

PACKETS: Please purchase packets from the TH Bell office, for $35.00 per quarter credit. Packets are available for the following subjects only and need to be completed and returned to TH Bell by August 31, 2012: English 9, Algebra, and World Geography.

BHS APEX: summer school registration for 9th – 11th graders can attend (form on the back).

ELECTRONIC HIGH SCHOOL: A program through the State of Utah. Go to the following website to register for classes: http://www.schools.utah.gov/ehs/ or www.ehs.uen.org Classes are Free

NORTHRIDGE LEARNING CENTER: Please call 801-776-4532 for more information.

BYU High School Courses: Please contact a counselor at 1-800-914-8931 for further information. Class cost is around $125 per semester credit.

WEBER ONLINE: This is a new opportunity to take original credit courses (no make up credit is offered at this time). Weber District is beginning to offer classes online. As more classes are developed, there will be more options. Please refer to the District Web page to keep updated on information. http://weberonline.wsd.net/ Weber Online is free to registered Weber District students.

Options for Bonneville High School Students
TRAMS: TRAMS is a make-up option through Two Rivers High School. You pick up the registration papers from your counselor, then go to Two Rivers on a Monday from 3:30 – 5:00 to register. The fee is $35.00 per .25 credit. With TRAMS, you will get a book and instructions on what to study. Then, you will check in with TRAMS one time a week, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, from 3:30 – 5:00, and when you are ready, you will make an appointment to take the test. You will have up to two opportunities to pass the test.

APEX (Online Courses):
We also have online courses available in a few subjects for students to take for both make-up credit and original credit. Seats in the online courses are limited and students must meet with their counselor for possible placement in an online course. Students that have failed a class and are 16% or more away from a passing grade could possibly take an online course for make-up credit with the same grade and credit stipulations as the credit recovery program, with the exception that they will have four weeks from the time they start the online course to complete it. Those taking an online course for original credit will have eight weeks to complete the course. Original credit online courses will be graded either A or B, with an A being 90% – 100% for the course and a B being 80%-89%. Less than 80%, a grade will not be given, the registration fee will be forfeited and the course will be dropped and will not show up on a student transcript. The online courses taken for make-up credit will take most students approximately 20 hours (per ¼ credit) to complete, while the original credit online courses will take most students approximately 40 hours (per ¼ credit) to complete. The online course fee will be $35.00 for .25 make-up credit and $40.00 for original credit. Go to your counselor to get the APEX registration form. All online courses will require that students take and pass unit tests to receive credit. If a student is not working regularly in an online course, they will be dropped from the course and the registration fee will be forfeited.

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