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Taking Care of Our Environment

Review and discuss with your classes.  This lesson addresses several problems that are occurring here at school that have been getting a little out of control as of late.


Click Here for Taking Care of Our Environment

SAGE Assessments

Click Here for SAGE Assessments 2017232

Career Day- Top Ten ways to Lose Your Job

Friday is Career Day.  This lesson gives some of the most often reasons people lose their jobs.  Share and discuss with your class.

Click Here for Top Ten Ways to Lose Your Job

Where Do You Want to Go

This lesson is based upon the first principle learned in the book My Orange Duffle Bag by Sam Bracken.  Please review and discuss the Power Point with your class.  Students will need a piece of paper and something to write with to complete the first activity.


CLICK HERE FOR WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GOmyorangeduffelbag-big-book

Yearbook Activity- Superlatives!

Click Here For Superlatives

Today we will complete the Superlatives activity for the Yearbook staff.  View the short Power Point with your class and have them fill out the forms.  Return the Forms to Mrs. Folker so the Yearbook staff can add some more fun to the yearbook.  – Thank you.

Uncommon Courtesies

Click Here for Uncommon Courtesies

New Year’s Resolutions

Click Here for New Year’s Resolutions


Penny Wars 2016 Update

Click Here for Penny Wars Update 2016


Penny Wars 2016




We will be having a Penny War this year to raise funds for needy students in our community.  Please view the attached Power Point with your class and get them excited to help others this Christmas Season.  The more money we raise the more help we can give.  The contest begins Thursday December 1, 2016 and runs through December 16, 2016.

Click Here for Penny Wars 2016


Mix It Up Day 2016

Click Here For MIX IT UP 2016


Tuesday November 22, 2016 is Mix It Up Day at T.H. Bell.  Students will receive a wrist band tomorrow to wear during lunch.  Students will match their wrist band to the color of paper on the lunchroom tables and sit at a table that matches their wristband.  Students are encouraged to sit with new people and start a friendly conversation.  The Student Government will also be having a small prize drawing for participants.  We also encourage teachers to wear a wristband and eat their lunch in the cafeteria with students.