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Featured Student Writing
21 November 2011, jeduke @ 10:34 am

Below is some wonderful writing done by Adam Thomas.

Composition By Adam Thomas 1 Composition By Adam Thomas 2 Composition By Adam Thomas 3 Composition By Adam Thomas 4

Concrete Poem Written in Ms. Duke’s Class by Emily Wright:

Emily Wright Concrete Poem


The words within the poem read:

Things to remember when Dancing:

Strong Arms (written on arms)

Curve (written on arms)

Thumbs In (written on hands)

Shoulders Down (written on shoulders)

Deodorant (written on arm pits)

Strengthen The Core (written on the torso)

Longneck (written on the neck)

Squeeze Plz (written on the abs)

Strong Legs (written on the legs)

Now point your toes (written on the toes and feet)

Straight Leg (written on the straightened leg)

Happy, Focus, Bangs, Face Up, Smile, Dance, Makeup, and Chin Up (written on the head)


2017-2018 Poetry, Music, & Artwork from Mrs. Heward’s Class:

art1 Art2 Art3 Art4 Art5 Art6 Art7 Art8 Art9 Art10 Art11 Art12 Art13 Art14 Art15 Art16 Art17 Art18 Art20 Art21 Art22 Art23 Art24 Art25 Art26

“Timeline of Life” Created By Karlee Flaig (as brainstorming in preparation to write a personal narrative essay):

Karlee Flaig Timeline of Life

Below is some wonderful writing done by Daxton Waterfall.

Daxton Waterfall's CompositionDaxton Waterfall's Composition 2Daxton Waterfall's Composition 3Daxton Waterfall's Composition 4Daxton Waterfall's Composition 5Daxton Waterfall's Composition 6Daxton Waterfall's Composition 7Daxton Waterfall's Composition 8Daxton Waterfall's Composition 9Daxton Waterfall's Composition 10Daxton Waterfall's Composition 11Daxton Waterfall's Composition 12Daxton Waterfall's Composition 13Daxton Waterfall's Composition 14Daxton Waterfall's Composition 15Daxton Waterfall's Composition 16Daxton Waterfall's Composition 17Daxton Waterfall's Composition 18Daxton Waterfall's Composition 19Daxton Waterfall's Composition 20Daxton Waterfall's Composition 21Daxton Waterfall's Composition 22Daxton Waterfall's Composition 23

In 2015-2016, students at T.H. Bell wrote some great creative pieces of writing to help them develop their math skills.  Check out the great examples of writing below.


Let It Grow


 Exponential Growth Song




Exponential Decay




Key To The Math Test


Math God


Twinkle Twinkle


Exponential Growth and Decay


Exponential Growth Haiku


Exponential Functions


Don't Stop Believing


Exponential Bells

Below are some other fine examples of writing from other disciplines & classes:


Harry Potter War Basketball by, Carter Degroot

This poem about sandwiches was written by Bethany Cagle…

Sandwich Ice Cream Goodbye Time Rats   Scooter Light Grandma Car

Basketball Hunger Games

Concrete Poem

Outsiders Character Bio Poem




Jensen Wright Poetry Jensen Wright Poetry2

Here are a few poems written by Dace Campbell:  Dayce Campbell’s Poems

Check out Jonah Holland’s Legend of Zelda Book by clicking here:  ZELDA

Here is the first part of a Christmas story that Kaylee O’Neill began for fun in homebase:  Frosty

Take a look at Bryan Alonzo’s racing story:  Bryan Alonzo

Here is a book that Brendon Hackett has begun:  DEATH

Here is the first chapter of a book that Aaron Judkins has begun:  Shiver Island

Many Versions of Cinderella

Limericks 2012

Personal Narratives 2012-2013

Here is the first chapter of a book being written by Camron Kendrick:  THE MISSING GIRL

Ghost Stories

Here are some written student responses to the myth ” The Flight of Icarus”:  RESPONSES TO THE FLIGHT OF ICARUS


Poetry Inspired By The Outsiders

16 Comments to “Featured Student Writing”

  1. jeduke — November 21, 2011 @ 2:49 pm

    Megan Perry’s response to the following warmup journal: Describe your room in detail.

    My room is very purple because that’s what color it is when we moved there. Later on I got an under the sea wallpaper, my room is a fair sized room and has a bed pushed up in the corner of it. I have a white dresser pushed up against the side of my room and above it running along the top of my wall is a white book shelf on it. I also have a white desk against the other corner of the wall. Next to my bed I have a tan stool or stepping stool with my alarm clock/radio, it also has other books and stuff on it.

  2. jeduke — November 21, 2011 @ 2:58 pm

    Jaycie Hart’s response to the following warmup journal: Today is “America Recycles Day.” Why it is important to recycle?

    Today is America Recycles Day. I think it is important to recycle because it will save our planet from filling with garbage. It will keep us safe. And the things we are making are out of mostly trees and we need trees to create oxygen and breathe so by recycling we are cutting down less trees and that is good as well.

  3. jeduke — November 21, 2011 @ 3:40 pm

    Riley Midgley’s Thanksgiving Acrostic Poem:

    Together with family
    Having fun
    Amazing food
    Never forget
    Kindreds are over
    Sleeping all day
    Get our mouths full
    Very good times
    Inviting winter
    Nothing left
    Going away

  4. jeduke — November 22, 2011 @ 9:19 am

    Keyboarding Assignment: Write a letter to the community. Tom T. Turkey has been sentenced to be slaughtered and eaten for Thanksgiving. Your letter should be for or against the slaughter and include supporting reasons for why.

    Kira Albee’s Letter:

    Dear community,
    Tom t turkey has been sentenced to be slaughtered and eaten for thanksgiving. I think this turkey should get his life spared because we know the name of him. But we can’t decide who is going to eat him. I think you should spare this poor turkeys life for thanksgiving. Turkeys are meant to be eaten but now I know the name so please spare tom the turkey. Tom t turkey may be a turkey and people want to eat him but you need to stop naming them and then just kill them! That’s kind of like being a turkey’s friend and the slaughter it. Its cruel. This poor turkey should get his life spared for maybe just one more year and next time, don’t name the turkeys its hard to chow down on something you used to know or you know the name of. I hope you decide not to kill him and spare his life. It would be hard to name a dog and then kill it and watch people eat that, yes its weird and very mean but I say there similar in a way. Hopefully you read my letter and understand where im coming from and keep that turkey from being slaughtered.
    Kira albee

    Bryson Gillingham’s Letter:

    Dear community:
    Tom T.Turkey was shot in the head because he was robbing banks and because it is thanksgiving I was hungry and could not afford a turkey that nitre so I kill him. I saw him in my house the night before so I had a cghance to get the bank robber. He was hard to kill he kept dogeing my wepon so I pulled a gun out and shot his leg. He walked off and grabbed a knife I told him to put it down so he did then he got a gunand shot me in the kidnee. I9 was hurt be I could not bebeatend. I shot him in the head took hikm to the oven and stfed him and thoughhuim in the oven and the next day for dinner I ate him. So there are all the ressons why I killed Tom T> Turkey.

    Symantha Devries’ Letter:

    Dear community,
    ‘’I have a right to live. ‘’ Tom T. Turkey says. I think that tom should have a right to live. Only criminal turkeys should die on thanksgiving. The other turkeys haven’t done anything to anyone, so why should they die. There is more animals in the world to eat then a turkey. There is cats, dogs, hamster, and even a chinchilla. They might not be as big but they should do. Us turkeys should just get break for at least one year. We shouldn’t be eaten every year, were getting sick of it. So maybe when your done reading this you will think about going to the pet store and frying up a yummy cat.

  5. jeduke — November 22, 2011 @ 9:51 am

    Jonah Holland’s response to an article called “Managing Future Forests For Water”

    So, long story short, this article is about USDA scientist trying to figure out how to conserve water for future forests depending on the climate and precipitation of that time of year! Ford (girl) is also helping with these studies of the forests and water! They are using the best of there knowledge to figure out how much water they will need or if the do not need water at all!

    I learned that no matter what it is, EVERYONE can make a difference in the world by just doing a little help! I wish I will be able to do this someday.

  6. jeduke — November 22, 2011 @ 10:04 am

    Johnathan Ortega Martinez wrote this for Mrs. Roylance’s English Class:

    Rocket’s are one of NASA’s greatest creation cause it tuck humanity to a hole neither level it all started. On October , 4 ,1957. The Russians Launched spuknik-1 into orbit and the space race was on the day was also the beginning of model rocketry. Sputnik sparked the imagination of young people and attempted to build their own rocket motors and space vehicles. By Astra mini-manual of model rocketry Publisher Bill Stine
    Modern Rocket this days are not the same as they us to not a lot of then are home made there’s a lot of company’s out there that u can buy your own all ready build rockets or u can buy parts and build your own so like u can have your vary own custom rocket
    One of my personal experience with a rockets where that I went to a field trip with my brother and his friends and we went to this space thing where they had rocket’s and they where going to go lunch one to space and are school and more where aloud to go see it and it was amazing because u can feel the heat from miles away it was so awesome that u can hear everything that was going on it was bye far the best field trip ever 
    Rocket engine that pushes itself forward of upward by producing thrust. Unlike a het engine which draws in outside air, a rocket engine uses only the substance carried. World book publisher Scott Fetzer

    Did you know that back in the 1853 that the Russian army lunched there first missile known as Sputnik the nation was shocked when the united states hard 2 months later they lunched there own settle light in to orbit the Russian where amazed that we found are own way to get things to orbit

  7. jeduke — November 22, 2011 @ 10:06 am

    Here is a catchy beginning to a story written by Austin Cain for his English class:

    I woke up to the sound of my Grandmother’s voice saying “Get your luggage into the car so we can get to the airport on time.” As I went to get the bags I thought to myself how fun this trip to Disney Land would be. But I was confused because my grandpa wasn’t there anymore. I could have sworn that he was there last night.

  8. jeduke — November 22, 2011 @ 10:09 am

    Here is the begining to a story written for English by Chantelle Mccall:

    I never thought I would ever see my uncle again after what happened earlier that evening. I walked through the short hallway to the back of the house boat. Many of my cousins were sitting on either the floor or the couch, just sitting there, staring at nothing. I sat with my cousins and joined then to stare into empty space. The longer I sat there the more quiet it got. I sat there thinking about what I had just witnessed on our beach about an hour and a half ago. I looked around at my cousins. Some of their eyes were still red from crying. I thought about what my eyes looked like and they felt very sore, and they felt as if I just got struck in the eye by a baseball. The picture of the horrid seen from earlier was still running through my head like an old movie projector. The though ran through my head about a hundred times before I came back to reality, if only I could have done more for him.

  9. jeduke — November 22, 2011 @ 10:17 am

    Charlie Gage Zamora wrote this in a PowerPoint Presentation created for Earth Systems:

    Rain waters our crops and grows our food. Rivers and lakes are filled with fish and places just to have fun. Also lakes and rivers sometimes go through treatment facilities so we can drink it! Oceans are beautiful and filled with all kinds of life such as fish crustations and mammals. We fish in the oceans, lakes and rivers for fish to eat. We can not live with out water!!

  10. jeduke — November 22, 2011 @ 10:34 am

    Bryan Alonzo wrote about humility and said the following:

    Humility is the lack of false pride. You don’t want false pride because it will make you fell bad in side and your motivation is gone. When you fell humble inside you let other people have the spotlight for a while and then you take it way from them. When your humble you are very nice to people and your not arrogant. You don’t go around and bragging to everyone that you are the best because there is someone better than you. Arrogant people only care about them selves not other people. Humble people care about them and everyone around them and everything else. Humble people are grateful about everyone and everything. I see a lot of humble people at race track helping others to get ready and off the track. In any sport you will find humble people because they love the sport and want everyone to do well in that sport.

  11. jeduke — December 5, 2011 @ 9:01 am

    Katee Hughes wrote this in a warmup journal:

    In 20 years will be in college studing to be a vet. Looking to start my own business for my practice. Hopefully engaged to get married and looking for a house in SanDiego, California where I would like to live. This is what I hope to be doing in 20 years.

  12. jeduke — December 5, 2011 @ 9:04 am

    Sierra Brooks wrote this in a warmup journal:

    If I woke up in another contry and no one could understand me I would start crying. If I had my phone with me I would try to call my mom, dad, brother, sister, or grandma and my grandpa. Or I would try to learn Theire language and try to communicate if my phone didn’t work.

  13. jeduke — December 5, 2011 @ 9:22 am

    Whitney Shupe wrote this in a warmup journal:

    In 20 years I will be 33 and I will be married with 3 kids. The oldest boy named Carson, then a girl named Ellie, then I don’t care if its a boy ill name him Dillan and if its a girl ill name her Sophie. Ill live in Riverdale Utah and I will be a professional dancer/dance teacher. If not I would like to be a teacher for disabled kids because I have a disabled little brother named Chandler and I love takeing care of him he is so fun. I dont care as long as I have a house, a good husband, good kids and a job I would be happy. Oh and I will always have a dog in my house, I love dogs. And thats were I want to be in 20 years.

  14. jeduke — December 8, 2011 @ 10:34 am

    Austin Cain wrote this poem for his history class:

    Oh The Red, White, and Blue

    The red, the white, and the blue.
    This means we run from nothing
    no not from you.
    Oh the red, white and blue
    So fair, so true
    We will never back down
    from a fight.
    We will go day and night
    but no we wont back down.
    Oh the red, white, and blue.
    You know we wont back
    down, we’ll stay and fight
    with you.
    We will fight, and fight
    We’ll fight until we tire
    out but then we’ll still show our might.
    We’ll stop at nothing until
    we cause peace between us
    You will cower but we’ll
    still stand tall.
    Look at our flag standing
    tall. Between our flags there
    is still a wall until you
    back down then it will
    Oh the red, white,
    and blue.
    So fair, so true.

  15. Jennifer Duke — March 22, 2013 @ 6:59 am

    When given the following prompt in English: “Is Johnny a murderer? Was Johnny’s act of killing Bob an act of murder or self-defense? Should Johnny be punished? Why or why not? Explain,” Lizzy Dabb wrote this about the book The Outsiders:

    Johnny isn’t a murderer because he was protecting his friend who the Soc’s were trying to drown. It was defense. Bob was the one who was committing a crime. So no, I don’t think he was a murderer. But I just suppose thats my opinion. And he was just using self-defense.

  16. Jennifer Duke — March 22, 2013 @ 7:05 am

    After reading an article about the effect of gangs, Lizzy Dabb wrote the following reflection:

    Gangs have been around since the dawn of man. It has never been really unusual to see a group of men protect each other through crime & violence.

    I think that people protecting each other if threatened is good. But stealing and other things is wrong. I think violence should only be used as a last resort. Gangs also lead to drugs and jail most of the time.

    Sometimes violence is necessary if your life or families life is threatened than it might be necessary. Everybody needs to feel like they belong, but I don’t think gangs isn’t the way to do it.

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