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Killing Mr. Griffin by, Lois Duncan
1 December 2011, jeduke @ 8:01 am

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51 Comments to “Killing Mr. Griffin by, Lois Duncan”

  1. LeRisa Atchison — March 25, 2012 @ 3:36 pm

    Yeah so… I haven’t been paying enough attention to the book so far to know what’s going on, but all I know of is that Susan is going on a date with I think his name is David, and there is a few people there with them. So yeah… that’s cool.

  2. LeRisa Atchison — April 11, 2012 @ 6:08 am

    So this book isnt nearly as good as “Down a Dark Hall” was but it’s still pretty okay I guess. I think that if I were ever to be involved in kidnapping someone I would just say no and tell the people planning it that they shouldn’t be.

  3. LeRisa Atchison — April 11, 2012 @ 6:10 am

    So can I just say, I totally don’t like Mrs. Griffin. She’s been asking way too many questions for my liking and I am just bothered by it especially since it doesn’t seem like Susan is getting mad or anything, I would have like steam coming out of my ears if that happened to me.

  4. kylies cook — April 11, 2012 @ 8:19 am

    Im on pg 190 and so far the book has been awazing, its not a scary book like i thought it would be but its still a awesome book. Right now Mrs, Griffin is talking to susan about how she lied to her principal and other things. Like she talking to i think devys grandmother and she told her that davy had Mr.griffins ring..im looking forward to what happens next.

  5. Amie Harmer — April 12, 2012 @ 7:18 pm

    I don’t really like this book its not anywhere as good as Down a Dark Hall was this one was just like 222 pages of pure BORINGNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that Duncan should have put more exciting stuff in it.

  6. Amie Harmer — April 12, 2012 @ 7:22 pm

    Who kidnaps a person out of anger of not getting a good grade! It makes me sick! And then they turn around and bury the body! I would have just gone to the police right then and there. I would use witnesses and stuff like that to say I was never there when he died and if I were susan I would make sure to make it a point that I wasn’t even up in the mountains when they left them there.

  7. Amie Harmer — April 12, 2012 @ 7:25 pm

    Ok, Mrs. Griffin is driving me insane. Evem though Susan is lying, what if she wasn’t? Would she still be pressuring Susan in admitting she was lying? I would just leave it and put a guilt trip on them. That usually works for people like susan.

  8. Amie Harmer — April 12, 2012 @ 7:30 pm

    Its official! Mark is a total creep! He gets joy out of burying a dead guy and lighting a persons house on fire so he doesn’e\t get caught by the cops. WHO DOES THAT!!!! Its insane! Why is he like that??? And just the way the book describes him and how he was getting joy while they were burying Griffin is just not right. No offense to anyone who like Lois Duncan but she is really morbid and I don’t think I will ever be reading any of her other books.

  9. Monika Clarke — April 13, 2012 @ 8:37 pm

    The first part of this book was a little confused. If I had been Sue I would have rejected the offer right off. I don’t see the appeal of kidnapping a teacher.

  10. Monika Clarke — April 13, 2012 @ 8:41 pm

    I think that Mark is a twisted little boy! He is probably my least favorite character in the book. He has this way of telling people what they want to hear even if they don’t know it. He is also a great example of one leads to another. First he accidentally kills Mr. Griffin, than he kills David’s grandma, and at the end he tries to kill Sue!

  11. Monika Clarke — April 13, 2012 @ 8:44 pm

    I feel so sorry for Mrs. Griffin! Her husband goes missing, some girl at school tells her lies about Mr. Griffin, and to make matters worse she is about to have a baby! Her husband is dead making her life a whole lot harder!

  12. Monika Clarke — April 13, 2012 @ 8:48 pm

    I think this book was amazing! The detail could have been better, but it had a good plot. It does leave you hanging at the end a little bit. It doesn’t really tell you what’s going to happen in the end. My favorite part in the end is when it shows a great change in Sue. Her personality has really changed from “timid”, to “strong”.

  13. LeRisa Atchison — April 14, 2012 @ 7:50 am

    Yeah so I finished the book, well everyone did but I didnt like it I thought it was boring, maybe I just wasn’t keeping up with the story line. Anyways next time I’m going to try to find a book that maybe I’ll enjoy more.

  14. Jade Corbett — April 16, 2012 @ 4:01 pm

    This book was really sad! I mean Mr. Griffins poor wife has no idea what is going on, plus Sue is telling her lies about what really happened and to top it off she’s pregnant! Not a very good combination.

  15. Jade Corbett — April 16, 2012 @ 4:03 pm

    I think it was really heartless how Mark didn’t even care that they basically killed Mr. Griffin. He acted like it was no big deal at all. I would have acted totally different if I had a murder on my hands. It’s just crazy how he seemed like he had no care in the world.

  16. Jade Corbett — April 16, 2012 @ 4:08 pm

    I think this book is just kind of dragging on..nothing exciting is really happening, It’s getting boring really fast.

  17. Jade Corbett — April 16, 2012 @ 4:09 pm

    Well the ending just kind of left me hanging. I didn’t really like this book. It got boring really fast after the kidnapping and it was boring before the kidnapping too! I wouldn’t recommend it..

  18. cassi — April 17, 2012 @ 7:58 am

    i like this book it really grabs my attention and makes me want to keep reading i really like the cover of this book too because it is green 😀

  19. cassi — April 17, 2012 @ 7:59 am

    this book is a lot more interesting than a lot of the books i have read, except odd thomas no book can come close to how freakin weird that book was!!

  20. cassi — April 17, 2012 @ 8:00 am

    this book also slightly scares me because well not really scares me but keeps me on the edge of my seat because it is extremely intense and what not like you get thinking man what if it was me that was doing this?? would i ever do something like this??

  21. cassi — April 17, 2012 @ 8:04 am

    the ending did not end the way i think it would have ended i did not think that mark would have killed davys grandmother i thought it was davy at first but then they started talking about marks brown sweater man lol scary stuff 😉

  22. Savanah Fisher — April 17, 2012 @ 8:41 am

    i liked this book to me it was kinda scary on how they told the story!!

  23. Jordan Knighton — April 18, 2012 @ 8:48 am

    This book was the most amazing book i have ever read! i was hooked on this book the whole time. i couldnt stop reading.;

  24. Jordan Knighton — April 18, 2012 @ 8:51 am

    this book was a very good book but what i thought was pretty cool is that just for one little thing it was a whole book very long.

  25. kylies cook — April 18, 2012 @ 8:06 pm

    i liked this bood i thought it was good. It wasent that good though, like her other books i liked more. In some parts it was really boring and i got not interested!

  26. kylies cook — April 19, 2012 @ 7:06 am

    I thought this was a good book, it wasent as good as some of her other books but i liked it. It was also boring in some spots. Besides that i like it alot. She should make another book, if theres not another one.

  27. Savanah Fisher — April 19, 2012 @ 9:00 am

    i liked this book overall it could of been better concidering how the kids acted in the book it made me wanna jump into the book with them :)it really didnt catch my attention very much

  28. Savanah Fisher — April 19, 2012 @ 9:02 am

    i think sue could of been nicer in the book i think it should of been more detailed in the book !!! when mr.GRiffen was still alive he could have been more nicer to but it alll kinda just depends on what the moods are in the puncuation.

  29. Savanah Fisher — April 19, 2012 @ 9:04 am

    i hope the next book i read will intrest me more but overall the complaints and just skimmimg over parts i have already read it kinda cought my attention the sencond time but it kinda faded away!! REMEMBER DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!! :)

  30. jordan knighton — April 19, 2012 @ 12:23 pm

    this book was the best book i have read in years. i was soo interested the whole time. i seriously could not stop reading. so i thought this book was the most amazing book.

  31. jordan knighton — April 19, 2012 @ 12:25 pm

    thank you mrs folker for having this book in your book club or i probably would have never read this book. i hope we can get another lois duncan book!!!

  32. Pedro Barajas — April 26, 2012 @ 2:28 pm

    When you first read the cover and the back it sound like a good book. Then you start to read it. It not to good now but, I hope it get better.

  33. Pedro Barajas — April 26, 2012 @ 2:34 pm

    Once you get in deep in to the story it is great. I real want to get to the end of it to see what happen to every one.

  34. Pedro Barajas — April 26, 2012 @ 2:37 pm

    This is killing me. How this story is write is great. Some time while I’m reading the book I want to go to the last page and read it but, at the last second I stop my self and keep reading.

  35. Pedro Barajas — April 26, 2012 @ 2:40 pm

    I was wrong about what I said early about the book I chosen. This is going to be one of the book I we remember for the rest of my life. Maybe I we have to read again every ten year but, it a great book.

  36. Landon — April 30, 2012 @ 7:30 am

    Killing Mr Griffin was a pretty good book. I probably wouldnt read it again though.

  37. Landon — April 30, 2012 @ 7:31 am

    I think It was kind of a deppressing book because they killed there teacher accidently.

  38. Landon — April 30, 2012 @ 7:32 am

    By this time you probably all know i forgot to post on this blog when i was reading the book so im doing it now.

  39. Landon — April 30, 2012 @ 7:32 am

    By this time you probably all know i forgot to post on this blog when i was reading the book so im doing it now. I liked how it took place in the sixties.

  40. Trent Van Natta — May 5, 2012 @ 6:08 pm

    I didn’t like this book at all, it was pretty boring and it wasn’t as scary like I thought it was going to be, I didn’t even know it was a horror book untill Mrs. Folker reminded me.

  41. Trent Van Natta — May 5, 2012 @ 6:11 pm

    I forgot to post on the blog so I’m doing it as make-up homework but why would somebody kidnap their teacher just because of a stupid assignment I’m glad I don’t know of anybody who would do that that’s just wrong.

  42. Trent Van Natta — May 5, 2012 @ 6:15 pm

    I think Mark is really creepy to get joy out of buring a dead person and putting somebody’s house up in flames, to me that is very disturbing, he is disturbed child…

  43. Trent Van Natta — May 5, 2012 @ 6:19 pm

    This book didn’t really grab my attention if was hard for me to read it so I just read it over break,and to be honest I kind of wish I hadn’t I should have just read it throughout the book club days. I wish I would have picked a different book from the start.

  44. Rory Stolfus — May 8, 2012 @ 5:55 pm

    I thought it was an okay book. I just wish I had done the assignments back when we originally did book clubs.

  45. Rory Stolfus — May 8, 2012 @ 5:56 pm

    It was kinda weird when they went to the mountains and it mentioned drugs and beer.

  46. Rory Stolfus — May 8, 2012 @ 5:58 pm

    Some of it was a bit disturbing, mainly the deaths and house burning.

  47. Rory Stolfus — May 8, 2012 @ 6:01 pm

    Overall I liked it, despite the weird parts, death and psychopaths.

  48. carolyn — May 13, 2012 @ 7:08 pm

    loved the book!(:

  49. carolyn — May 13, 2012 @ 7:08 pm

    love these kind of bboks! hope to read more like this next year(:

  50. carolyn — May 13, 2012 @ 7:10 pm

    cant wait for book clubs next year! more good books to read.(:

  51. carolyn — May 13, 2012 @ 7:17 pm

    mr griffin was a very interesting man!

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