Bonneville Counselors

October 1st, 2014

Counselor                                         Alphabet

Natasha Davis   10th:   A-D    11th:  A-D       12th:   A-D


Loralee Gacioch:      10th:   E-K    11th:   E-K       12th:   E-K


Tom Marcheschi:  10th:   L-R    11th:   L-Ri       12th:   L-R


Cynthia Fonseca:  10th:   S-Z     11th:   Ro-Z       12th:   S-Z


Counseling Secretary:  Julie Mattson 801-452-4059

Registrar (Weber Online testing Proctor):  Sherri Porter  801-452-4067

Upcoming Events/Information

October 6th, 2016

ACT online preparation:  Shmoop

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