Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements for Bonneville High School

You need a total of 27.0 credits to graduate high school.

You receive .25 credits per class, per quarter.

You can earn up to 2.0 credits per quarter (You will earn 1.75 credits per quarter if you have release time class –  a.k.a Seminary).

If a student receives an F, NM or NC grade for any class (required or elective), your credit WILL HAVE TO BE MADE UP! (Talk to your counselor about make up options ASAP.)

Credits are calculated from 9 – 12 grades.

Graduation Core Requirements:

Computer Technology    0.50

Career Technology (CTE)   1.00

Fine Arts   1.50

Financial Literacy   0.50

Health II  0.50

English  4.0

Math (I, II, III)  3.0

Physical Education   1.0

PE Fit 4 Life (no substitutions)   0.50

Science  (in at least 2 different areas)  3.0

Geography   0.50

US Government/Citizenship   0.50

US History   1.0

World Civilizations   1.0

Electives 8.5

Additional Requirements:

College Athletes:  16 core requirements for Division 1 –

2 years of the same Foreign Language:  Required to go to U of U and Regent’s Scholarship, recommended for BYU