Make Up Options

Students earning an “F” and are within 10% or less away from a passing grade will have the opportunity to recover their credit through make up work from their teacher. Students pick up the forms from their teachers, and they must do so within TWO WEEKS after receiving their grade.

Students needing to make up credit may use the “APEX” online system. The cost is $35.00 for each quarter of make up

Two Rivers TRAMS:  $35.00 each quarter credit

Please click her for details on  WSD Make up options

Northridge Learning Center: $50.00 each quarter credit.

Summer School (varies each summer)


Attendance Credit

After 4 absences or tardies, each class, each quarter, students will lose .25 attendance credit.  Students can lose up to .75 attendance credit during their three years at Bonneville.  If attendance loss exceeds .75, students will need to meet with the attendance secretary in the main office to work out a plan to make up attendance loss.