Scholarships (Couns. Dept.)

Scholarships/Counseling Dept.

This is a great site for viewing scholarships that come directly through the BHS Counseling Department.  These may be local , state or national scholarships.  The applications for most scholarships can (or must) be done online.  You can simply click on the links and follow directions.  If you don’t have access to the Internet, you can see your counselor for help.  We also have copies of most applications in the filing cabinet located in the back corner of the Counseling Office (see Julie Mattson, counseling secretary for help).  Here are a few hints in searching for scholarships and completing applications:

 PAY ATTENTION TO DEADLINES:  Do NOT wait until the last minute to apply for scholarships.  Quite often you will need letters of recommendations or essays.  If you wait until the last minute, you may not have enough time to complete the application.  Remember, teachers need time to write a good letter of recommendation.  Also, NEATNESS COUNTS.  You are competing against many qualified students.   The quality of your responses (ie: punctuation, complete sentences, good grammar) in addition to your achievements, are very important. GET ORGANIZED.  It makes a lot of sense to start searching for scholarships as early as your sophomore  year.  Read about the scholarships that you can apply for when you are a senior. (You will also find scholarships for sophomores and juniors) Get an application and review it each year so you are familiar with the criteria  and deadlines. If you know what they are looking for, you can prepare yourself to meet that criteria.  Many scholarships involve COMMUNITY SERVICE.  The sooner your realize that, the more time you will have to get service hours in.   Also, look at the scholarship/financial aid WEBSITES OF THE COLLEGES you are thinking about attending.  The majority of incoming freshman scholarships are given by the colleges they attend.  Look at their department and leadership scholarships as well.  E-MAIL address. When using Internet search sites such as (coming in October) or (see financial aid/scholarship link on this web site),  you may want to make up an e-mail address just for scholarships.  That way, when you are inundated with scholarship information, it won’t be filling your regular e-mail address. Plus, you can use that address all through college because the scholarship search does not stop after high school.  So, click on the following link to access the scholarships that come through Bonneville and start searching!