College and Career Ready Plan (formerly known as SEOP)

A (CCR) is a “Plan for College and Career Readiness”.  Counselors, students and parents meet to recognize the student’s accomplishments, strengths and academic progress.  During the CCR, counselors review graduation requirements, discuss career and education plans and give information regarding  class choices, scholarships financial aid, college admissions, NCAA, etc.

Individual CCR’s:   (Seniors, Sophomores) Counselors will send an individual CCR appointment card home in the mail.  If parents cannot attend the CCR, please call your counselor and we would be happy to reschedule your appointment.  Although parents are strongly encouraged to attend the CCR, we understand that sometimes it is not possible.  In that case, we can hold the CCR with the student and send information home with him/her.

Seniors:  Individual CCR’s will begin in September.

Sophomores:    Individual CCR’s will begin in December.  During your individual CCR, we will discuss classes that you will need as Juniors and Seniors.  You may choose your classes for your Junior year during the CCR.  Feel free to look at the course guide which is found on the Counselor blog.  Any new changes will be advised during your CCR, or when we meet in small groups to finalize registration in February.

Juniors:  Junior CCR’s will be  held in a small group format this year.  The CCR’s will be scheduled starting in December.  A group appointment card will be mailed home several weeks in advance of the meeting.  During the CCR, we will also choose classes for your senior year.  Last year’s course guide is on the webpage now, and will be updated as soon as the new course guide is developed.