Fairest by Gail Carson Levine

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This book is about beauty and ugliness and singing. The main girl, Aza, is ugly but has a beautiful voice. She becomes lady-in-waiting to the new queen and falls in love with the prince. After magic puts a twist in the story, Aza learns about how beauty, or the lack of it, can affect her very life and the life of others. It makes you think about beauty and how it affects us all.

The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale

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A princess is sent to marry a prince in a neighboring kingdom, but on the way her lady-in-waiting turns on her with most of the guards and they try to kill her. She runs away and becomes a goose girl. She tries to stop her lady-in-waiting from becoming queen, and she tries reclaim her name and title. She can talk with some animals, including geese, and learns to communicate with nature. It’s has a cute love story with adventure and fighting to balance it out.

Accidents of Nature by Harriet McBryde Johnson

Book Jacket

Jean is a teenager with cerebral palsy who believes she is normal and fits in. She goes to ‘Crip Camp’ and meets other people with cerebral palsy, mental retardation, paraplegics, and other disabilities and comes to find more about her true self. The author doesn’t hold back but gives you the details without sugar coating. It’s interesting for me to come to understand another world I’ve never experienced.

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