The Only Alien on the Planet by Kristin D. Randle

First of all- this is not a fantasy book! The ‘alien’ is only an alienated teenage boy, not a little green martian.

This book is about Ginny, who has some big changes in her life during her senior year of high school. She and her friend Caulder try to get to know Smitty Tibbs, a mysterious student who never talks or responds to anyone. This is the story of their developing relationship, how two teens helped another teen who was in need, not physically but emotionally. It is a very good book. I’ve read it at least four times.

Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach

Book Jacket

This book talks aboutĀ the history of human cadaversĀ and how they are used in science today. If you get grossed out easily, don’t read this. It’s very cool though!

The Irish Cinderlad by Shirley Climo

Becan, a poor boy belittled by his stepmother and stepsisters, rescues a princess in distress after meeting a magical bull. An Irish version of a male cinderella.

Dr. Ernest Drake’s Dragonology Handbook : A Practical Course in Dragons by Ernest Drake

Talks about the study of dragons, as if it’s a real non-fiction book. It’s a fun book to look through and learn more about the world of dragons. I’m impressed how he makes it seem like there really are dragons.

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