Book Crush by Nancy Pearl

This book is cool because it is just lists of recommended reading. It’s divided by age and genre, so you can find books that are just what you want. It’s for teens and kids, and there is another book that is for adults.

Follow the River by James Alexander Thom

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This is a fiction novel based on a true story of a pioneer woman. She live in 1755 in Virginia when it was a wild country filled with Indians. The book begins with a massacre. It is very hard to read and violent. I still think of the images that it describes and cringe. Her family is killed and she is taken hostage. She is taken by one of the Indians as a wife and treated pretty well but she never gives up trying to escape. After many months and one thousand miles of travel, she escapes. She tries to get back to her land and see if anything is left. She travels a thousand miles of wilderness that no white woman has ever seen before. This is a great book about a strong woman. It also has a lot of history in it that is very interesting.

The River by Gary Paulsen

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Brian Robeson’s story starts in the book “Hatchet”. The story continues in “The River”. Two years after he is rescued, the government wants him to do it again so they can document how he survived. He is sent back into the wilderness with a government psychologist to observe and take notes. It should be easier the second time, and with an adult to help, but it can’t be that easy. The psychologist is hit by lightning and falls into a coma. Brian has to build a raft to try to get him to a doctor. Now he has to survive and keep someone else alive while he conquers the wilderness and escapes to find help.

Brian’s Winter by Gary Paulsen

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This book is a ‘what if’ book. It is a continuation of Hatchet but ‘what if he wasn’t rescued?’ The story continues as Brian has to survive the winter in the Canadian wilderness. He continues to battle the elements but they are worse in the winter. He also continues to battle the animals of the wilderness. He really grows up a lot and he does survive.

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