NOVALABS Cybersecurity

A PBS sponsored website that teaches the basics of internet security and safety.

Helping a Stranger

California Strangers Repair Elderly Man’s Roof After Neighbor’s Heartwarming Facebook Plea

We may not always know how to help someone but we may know someone that can.

See a need, do something about it.


Got Media Smarts? Answer Key

This is a link to the answer key for the Got Media Smarts? Quiz that is part of Lesson 1 of the internet training.

Answer Key

What a Wonderful World

I remember a day, over a decade ago, when I was driving home.  The radio was playing and I was in a reflective mood.  As I drove, I started to notice how blue the sky was, how bright and inviting the sun was, and how green the trees were.

At some moment, the world suddenly had a crisp, clean appearance and I saw details that I had rarely noticed before.  I could see how the leaves on the trees and the grass along the road were moving with the breeze and how the light filtered through the branches and leaves creating different shades of green and brown.  The colors were more vivid, the shapes more defined, and everything was more clear.

This startling clarity filled me with wonder and hope and peace.  Since then, I have had other similar moments and each has left me feeling I could truly say we live in wonderful world.

The Reminder We Need to Quit Judging

I am always watching for interesting, engaging reading material for myself and my students.

This is an article I stumbled across and felt like it would be a springboard to a great class discussion.