Howdy! My name is Mr. Barrow and this is my 11th year at T.H. Bell Jr. High. I teach Utah Studies and U.S. History. I love my subjects, and I hope that my students will love them as well.


My Schedule:

1st Period U.S. History

2nd Period U.S. History

3rd Period Prep

4th Period Utah Studies

5th Period U.S. History

6th Period Utah Studies

7th Period Utah Studies


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  1. Amber Anderson says:

    Hi, this is Amber Anderson, Taelors mother. She has pneumonia and will be missing the next few days of school at least, possibly the whole week. Would I be able to stop by after class and pick up her class work for her to do from yesterday, today, and tomorrow. If she still can’t return by Thursday I can come back in to get that work. Please let me know if this is ok and I will come by this afternoon. Thank you!

  2. bobarrow says:

    yep. You can come by and pick her work up before or after school.

  3. Abby Hansen says:

    Hi, I really want to try out for next year’s play, and I was wondering if you had the idea of what it was going to be. Thanks!

  4. bobarrow says:

    We are doing a really funny musical called Pom Pom Zombies. Think teen beach movie but with zombies. It will be really fun. I look forward to seeing you there.

  5. ashlynn rydalch says:

    hi mr.barrow where can we find the worksheet where we r suposed to find a news story

  6. bobarrow says:

    It is under Current Event at the top. Just click on the link for the document.

  7. Linda Gowans says:

    Mr. Ward, Mr. Barrow and Mr. Womak,

    I need to find a different placement for Catie as she lives in North Ogden and has children in schools and day care in close locations.

    I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. I know Mark and Boyd and I was excited for Catie to be with these great educators.

    But, I have to try to give her a good experience in one of the junior highs in North Ogden.

    Thank you all so much for your willingness to train new teachers.

    Linda Gowans

  8. Chevy Sustaita says:

    Hi Mr.Barrow I was wondering if I can make up bell ringers.

  9. Jennifer Romero says:

    Hello there, this is Rico’s mother. What is your email address, I cannot find it on your blog and would like to discuss something with you.

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