11/13 through 11/17

Monday – We Reviewed for our first unit test of the quarter

Tuesday – We took our first quarter test. Students will need to make this up if they missed it.

Wednesday – Students learned how to count the atoms in a chemical equation. They learned the parts of chemical equations.

Thursday – Students got more practice with calculating the number and type of atoms in a chemical equation. They reviewed other chemistry concepts.

Friday – Students created models for each molecule in a chemical equation in order to better understand what information the equation is giving.

10/16 through 10/18

Monday – We reviewed Chemical and Physical changes

Tuesday – We took a quiz about chemical and physical changes

Wednesday – Students watched a video about properties of different materials

Thursday – Fall break

Friday – Fall break

10/9 through 10/13

Monday – We reviewed for the Chemical and Physical changes post test.

Tuesday – We popped popcorn and took the post test for the Chemical and Physical Changes unit.

Wednesday – We had the Rachel’s Challenge assembly and discussed kindness in all classes.

Thursday – Students were given cards with items which are “natural” and items which are “synthetic” and were asked to sort them into their respective piles. We discussed the meaning of the words natural and synthetic.

Friday – We went to the computer lab to research properties of different natural and synthetic fabrics.

10/2 through 10/6

Mon – Students completed several experiments in class and practiced determining whether each phenomenon was a physical or a chemical change. This lab does not need to be made up if students were absent.

Tue – We talked about the lab from Monday and students took notes.

Wed – Students began working on their final packet of the unit. They made a list of indicators for physical and chemical change and planned which materials they would use for Thursday’s lab.

Thurs – Students completed the lab they planned on Wednesday, noting indicators for physical and chemical change.

Fri – Students worked on completing their lab packet. Most classes will be given 15-20 minutes to complete it on Monday. If it is not done at that time, it will be homework.

9/25 through 9/29

Mon – I handed back papers and students completed an Element Scavenger hunt activity which showed them how different elements contribute to society. Students do not need to make this up if absent.

Tue – We did a card organization activity in class to help understand how the periodic table was put together. We watched a short video about Mendeleev’s contributions. Students do not need to make this up if absent.

Wed – We took a Pre-Test for the unit we are beginning. Students do not need to make this up if absent.

Thurs – We did several observations of chemical reactions. Students noted their observations and we talked about what clues we noticed might tell us we were witnessing a chemical reaction. Students do not need to make this up if absent.

Fri – We talked more about evidence for chemical reactions. We also talked about how to read chemical equations and watched a Bill Nye video. Students do not need to make this up if absent.

9/18 through 9/22

Mon – We completed our 4D Elements assignment by talking about patterns in the periodic table. Students who missed this day will need to talk to me about how to make it up.

Tue – We tested properties of three clear liquids and talked about how the properties of different substances make them good for different functions.

Wed – Students were given a research project on this day in Google Classroom. They analyzed the properties of a product using their senses and were then required to learn about that product’s fabrication and composition.

Thurs – Students continued working on their research projects on the computer.

Fri – This is the last day students were given to work on their research project in class. If students did not complete their project in class, they are required to finish it over the weekend or next week during Advisory if they do not have internet access at home.

9/11 through 9/15

Mon – TEST. We took the Atoms and Molecules test. Students who were absent or who would like to retake the test should speak with me.

Tue – After looking at test scores, I felt that students needed a little more practice with the structure and scale of atoms. So, on this day we built models of atoms using paper plates, clay, pipe cleaners, straws, and other materials. Students received participation points. If students were absent this day, they do not need to make anything up.

Wed – We began our next unit which focuses on properties of matter. Students were given two kinds of sand and were asked to analyze the properties of each (one being hydrophobic and one being hydrophilic). Students do not need to make up anything if they were absent, but need to know the definition of hydrophobic and hydrophilic.

Thurs -We used an augmented reality smartphone app called Elements 4D to look at the properties of different elements. Students recorded their observations on a worksheet. Students who were absent will not need to make this up.

Fri – We continued working on our Elements 4D worksheet and filled out a periodic table with the information gathered. Students who miss this portion of the lesson should talk to me.

9/5 through 9/8

Tue – We used models of atoms made out of pitri dishes to study the parts of the atom and their scale and quantity. Students completed the “Atoms in a Dish” worksheet. Students who need to make this up should talk to me.

Wed – We built molecules out of gumdrops as a class, and then completed a worksheet about the chemical formulas and nature of molecules. This worksheet does not need to be made up if the student was absent.

Thurs – Students were given time to complete their molecules worksheet. Students who finished watched a Bill Nye video about atoms and molecules.

Fri – We did Jeopardy test review. The test is Monday, 9/11. Students were given an orange study sheet for homework. This sheet needs to be studied by the student for 15 minutes and then signed by a parent or guardian to confirm that the student studied.

8/28 through 9/1

Monday – Introduction to atoms. Video or activity with tape.

Tuesday – We churned cream into butter to show that atoms can rearrange. We did activities to learn about the electron/static electricity.

Wednesday – We learned about Ernest Rutherford’s gold foil experiment by doing an activity which was similar. We also discussed Bohr’s atom model.

Thursday –  We watched and took notes on three videos.

Friday – We analyzed atom models (Atoms in a Dish) and discussed ways that models are different or the same as real atoms. We did a notebook check and students received points for having taken the required notes thus far in the quarter.

***If students were absent, the assignments they will need to make up are: Notebook Check and Atoms in a Dish. Students should speak with me to find out how to make these up.

8/22 through 8/25

It was great to start getting to know all of my students! I’m told by the 7th grade teachers who had these students last year that they are a very enthusiastic and smart group. I am already starting to see that this is true! Students have been asking great scientific questions! Our activities for the first week are listed below. Feel free to email me with any questions!

— Mr. Walker


Tuesday – First day of school! We did an awesome demonstration with fire. Students filled out a worksheet to analyze the scientific demonstration. This worksheet was due in class, but will be waived for any student who was not there that day.

Wednesday – We went over disclosures and I told the class a little bit about myself. The signed disclosure paper is due Monday, Aug 28.

Thursday – We went over safety, since we will be handling many scientific materials this year. Students signed a Safety Contract, which was due in class that day.

Friday – We went over school policy and then learned some additional classroom procedures. There was no work to be turned in for this day.


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