The Lottery

We read this short story in class on 5/12/15.

Read the story and answer the questions that are included.


The Grapes of Wrath Game Board

This is the final assessment for The Grapes of Wrath. We started this project on 5/12/15 and will finish it on 5/14/15

The Grapes of Wrath Board Game

If you are not doing this in class, you will need to provide your own game board. We are using regular poster boards in class.

The Grapes of Wrath Socratic Seminar Questions

We did these in class on Friday, May 8.

Socratic Seminar Questions

11th Grade Classroom Contribution Extra Credit

In addition to the extra-credit you can receive for attending more than one extra-curricular activity, I will also accept up to 15 points extra-credit for the following items:

  • Grade level reading book                                  10 pts.
  • Ream of lined paper                                            5 pts.
  • Package of pencils                                               5 pts.
  • Package of markers                                             5 pts.
  • Fine-point dry erase markers                           5 pts.



1984 Character Development

Character Development


In anticipation of Senior Sluff Day, I am moving the due date for our Book Review Project and Extra-Curricular Assignment up one day.

It is now due on Tuesday, May 5th, Grace Period ends May 7th

Once you turn these assignments in, I will sign your fail slip.

WPA- The Grapes of Wrath

If you missed class on Friday, April 24th, you need to complete these assignments.

First, read this article about The WPA, The WPA handout, then write a 1/2 page reflection about what you read. Feel free to include your own prior knowledge on this subject, (AP Am. History peeps, this is for you).

Next, look through this PowerPoint presentation, WPA and write down anything you learned or were surprised to see pertaining to The WPA and its impact on the U.S.A.

Finally, look up the song, “Do Re Mi” by Willie Guthrie on YouTube. Listen to the song, then answer these questions, Do Re Mi Questions.

You may do this all on the same sheet of paper. Turn this in by Friday, May 1st.

1984 Final Project

This was done in class on Monday, April 27th.

Please try to finish before Wednesday, April 29th, as it will help prepare you for the final test which will be on Wednesday.

I will not accept it after Friday, May 1st.

This is worth 100 points!

1984 Final Group Project

Doublespeak examples worksheet

Creating a Dystopia

Creating a Dystopia Worksheets


Only complete pages 1 and 3. 

Pg. 1: Think about how you can change today’s society. Create 5 laws that would solve our problems and turn our world into a Utopia

BAM! Some sort of apocalyptic event has just wiped out the society you worked so hard to create.

Pg. 3: Now you have to rebuild society and create a Utopia. These laws CANNOT be the same as page 1 because you have different obstacles to overcome. Decide which apocalyptic event destroyed society, zombies, a meteor, dinosaurs, etc. The type of apocalypse your society experienced will help you create your laws.

For instance, if my society experienced a zombie apocalypse, maybe one of my laws would be a 6 PM curfew because the zombies roam after dark. These zombies are an obstacle, one of my goals is to preserve mankind, so my laws must reflect that in order to create a new utopia.

Creating a Utopia

Creating a Utopia Worksheet

Create your perfect society (a utopia) through this worksheet.