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LA Games

Language Arts Sites

Alphabetical Order – arrange the words by dragging them into the correct ABC order.

Find a Word – Drag and drop each word onto the correct dictionary page. Use the guide words to help you organize the words alphabetically.

Contractions – Match game

Contractions – Type the contraction beside the two words.

Gorilla Grammar – identify Parts of Speech – Beginner [nouns and verbs] Advanced [all parts of speech]

Parts of a Sentence – select naming part or telling part (subject/predicate)

Penguins on Ice – Make a Sentence – Choose Make a Sentence and put the penguins in correct order to create a sentence.

Simple and Compound Sentences – Choose the correct answer by clicking in the bubble

See ‘N Spell – Students click and drag letters into the box to spell the words that correspond to the pictures. A very good activity with many skills such as plurals, long vowels, short vowels, blends and digraphs.

Snowman Builder – Build a family of snowmen as you review four different skills. Select the word below that completes the compound word.

Spell words – Magnetic Board – drag letters to create word.

Compound Words Walk the Plank – [10 questions] Find the word that does not make a compound word, each correct answer makes the teacher walk further out on the pirate ship plank.

Feed the Hungry Thing – Pick word parts that will form the pictured word.

Guess the Setting – Read each description and choose the correct setting.

Understanding setting, plot or theme – Read the short story below. Then read each sentence and decide if it is part of the setting, plot or theme.

Write Me a Story -Try your writing skills, share your imagination, read fun  stories, and maybe even get published on the Internet!

Giggle Poetry -The #1 fun poetry site for kids on the web.

Learning About the Authors and Illustrators -“Many readers are curious about the creators of the books they enjoy. The more than six hundred links to author/illustrator sites included here will help to satisfy that curiosity!”

Between the Lions -Read many exciting stories online, and then enjoy the games and activities related to each story.

Guys Read -Boys are a very different kind of child than girls, and I’ve noticed that they enjoy reading very different books! This site has lots of great
books recommended especially for boys.

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