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Math Games

(click on the links below)

Math Sites

Expanded Form of Numbers – Online quiz

Expanded Form of Numbers – write the numeral the expanded form represents

Finding Place Values – find the place value of a particular numeral within a number

My Place – learn that the value of a digit is determined by the placement of that digit

Go-Go Go Karts – Race go carts by solving addition and subtraction problems, or use the highest
level and race by solving multiplication and division problems.

Aunty Math -Math Challenges for K-5 Learners.

Da’ Numba -This challenging game is great for practicing addition with more than two addends.

BBC Numbertime-Have fun practicing math skills by playing these online math games!

Basket Math provides rounding practice

Comparison Estimator – compares two sets of objects

Estimating sizes of objects – Guess which length or distance applies to the object.

Estimating by Rounding – addition with regrouping

Estimating by Rounding – subtraction with regrouping

A+ Math -Students
improve their math skills interactively through games, puzzles, and online flashcards.

-Hundreds of pages of Basic Math Skills with interactive practice and several challenge games on every page.

Change Maker -Practice problem
solving and making change from money amounts.

Cool Math 4 Kids -An amusement park of math and more — especially designed for kids and fun!

The Timernator – race against the clock – multiply as fast as you can in 60 seconds [ addition, subtraction, and division also available ]

Sum Sense (Multiplication) – Students practice single digit multiplication by dragging numbers to complete the sentence.

Table Mountain – Climb the mountain by working multiplication facts.

Bang On Time – Read the time in words then stop the clock when the hands reach the right time.

Clock Works – select hour and then minute by clicking on the clock

The Bananas Problem – a single word problem to solve

Grand Slam Math –   grades 2-5

Thinking Blocks – learn how to solve multi step word problems

Word Problem Database – many to choose from, for grades 1-7

Word Problem Practice – problems in addition, subtraction and more

Word Problems – Math Hoops

Missing Numbers – find the missing numbers in a sequence

Number Cracker – guess what number comes next in the pattern

Division Game

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