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Same Value Exchange

Here is an example of the “Same Value” Exchange Math Strategy that we have been working on this week.   It is a way to add or subtract  3 and 4 digit numbers.   I will record the steps tomorrow for a better example, but for today here is an image for you to look at.

Step 1: Say the top NUMBER

Step 2: Write it out in Expanded Form

Step 3: Say the bottom NUMBER

Step 4: Write it out in Expanded Form

Step 5:   You can start adding with any collumn, the hundreds, tens or ones…(make sure to break them apart)

Step 6:   Circle the numbers that are alike (we say live in same house and family) tens, ones, ect.

Step 7: Add up and write the correct number in STANDARD FORM

This seems like a lot of steps, but if the kids can actually do this, they will RESPECT THE DECIMAL and have a better understanding of numbers which will help them in the upper grades!

YOU will thank me later!   I learned the good ol’ Carrying and Borrowing way myself, it is a hard transition, but it totally makes sense and the children will get the RIGHT answer and know why they did when using this STRATEGY!

We will post more examples soon!!!

  I had the kids COLOR CODE the steps!   I think it really helped them.   Here are a couple of examples that we did in class!   I was SO excited for them!  

Adding Strategies

In case your child has not told you, this quarter we are working on how to IMPROVE our Adding Fluency. In order to do this we have been learning many new addition strategies to help us ADD faster! Obviously, our goal is to memorize the facts… these will definitely help us to reach that goal!

Below are the “Adding Strategies” we use in class (Ms. Grow was kind enough to share her secrets) if you would like to reinforce them at home that would be great!

Each time we learn a new”strategy” we add a new set of Flash Cards to our collection. If you would like a copy of the Flash Cards please let me know. I would be happy to get you copy.

It would be nice if your child would practice their FACTS using Flash Cards or using the Link I previously posted – about 3 times a week to help improve their score.

3rd Grade Goal: 70 Digits Per Minute!!!

“Math CLUBS”

How  do you become a MEMBER of the



Well,   each Wednesday, we take a 1 minute Fluency   TIming (right now we are working on addition facts).     We record our scores and graph them to show our progress.   If we beat our SCORE by 10 digits from the previous week, then we become a MEMBER of the “Kick Off Club!”   It is a great way to motivate the children and show their progress!   We are so excited to watch your scores get higher and higher!  

The NEXT Club that the CAN DO KIDS have an opportunity to be in is called the  


To be a MEMBER of the “Goalie” Club!   You have to reach the 3rd Grade

Fluency Goal.   Right now we are focussing on Addition Facts.   Our 3rd Grade Goal is 70 Digits Per Minute!!!

So as soon as you REACH the Grade Goal YOU will be a MEMBER!   Yeah!  

How exciting is that???    

Finally, our last CLUB for Math is called the

 “100 Club!”    

If you are SPEEDY… you reach 100 Digits per minute!   Then you are part of the Elite “100 Club!”

Each of these Clubs are strictly to motivate the students learning!   Our main goal is for the children to improve on their Math Fluency Facts each week.   It is nice for them to have the opportunity to see a visual of their “progress” on a graph!     Through Fact Practice with Flash Cards in Class and at home, and we  from practicing 1 minute timings throughout the week in class and/or using the online fact games at home  – we truly believe that our students CAN beat their scores each week!   Why?   Because we are the CAN DO KIDS!


PS. We will be notifying you with your child’s accompl

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