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We ♥ you!

You will always have a place in our hearts! 

Can Do Kids forever!!!

CAN DO KID portraits

We are very impressed with how well our kidos did on this first art project!  Way to go Can Do Kids!  You are awesome at art and illustrating! We are proud of you!

Click on it to enlarge!

The FINAL vote went in and our city name is


Which I do love!   I think it totally fits us, since we are the Can Do Kids and we can do ANYTHING!   It was a very close race!   When the polls came in the results were



CDKville 6

All three of the top names were wonderful!   Thanks to all of you that participated in coming up with our city name!   Good Luck tonight on your Class Flag Sketch!

“BAD WoRds!”

Our 1st Can Do Kid production-   check out one of our absolute favorite Poems from our Personal Reader!   It fits right with our Can Do Kid philosophy!   Enjoy!

What is A “Can DO Kid?”

We have had a great time coming up with what a CAN DO KID is this week!   It has been sooo much fun!   Below you will see some of our first illustrations of what a Can Do Kid is and what they Can Do…




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