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Happy Independence Day!

Just a quick HI!  I miss all you Can Do Kids!  Hope you are having a fun and safe SUMMER!  Make sure you are reading and THINKING!!!!

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you amazing mom’s out there!
THanks for supporting your children, this third grade year has been full of new learning!
THank you for helping them with their homework and for loving them!

Mrs. Peterson and I love you so much!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

our “First” Business Day

A note came home today reminding everyone that our First Business Day is on Friday!  Not tom, but the next day!  Some of you have not returned the slip with your parents signature, letting me know what you will be selling!  Please bring that tomorrow! 

Set up is at 1:45pm and Business Day starts at 2:00pm

The whole 3rd Grade Participates in this Day!

Please make sure to send your child’s items, their sign and their open and close sign with them Friday morning, if you are unable to attend!

Can’t Wait!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Happy Earth Day


Writing Prompts for Earth Day

  • Spend at least half an hour outside. Record what you see, smell, hear, taste, and feel.
  • Make a list of ten ways you can help keep the planet clean.  
  • Make a list of ten ways you can conserve water.  
  • Make a list of ten ways you can conserve energy.  
  • Create a poster encouraging people to recycle.  
  • Write a journal entry telling how you are celebrating Earth Day.  
  • Keep a week-long “Earth Log.” Each day, do whatever you can to take care of the earth, and record your earth-friendly actions in your Earth Log.  
  • Write a thank-you note expressing thanks for the many resources the earth provides.  
  • Write a poem about nature.  
  • What would our world be like if no one recycled? Write a story about such a world.  
  • Imagine a world with no pollution. Write about it.  
  • Write a persuasive essay encouraging people to recycle.  
  • In recent years, Earth Day has become an international observance. But the observance started with one man who saw a problem and who wanted to be a part of solving that problem. What is the biggest problem you see with the world today? Write out an action plan for making a difference.  
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper encouraging people to take care of the environment.  
  • Interview a local leader, a school official, a business person, or a friend. Ask the person what he or she is doing to take care of the earth. Write a news article based on the interview.

Business Day Info

Please watch for a note coming home this week with all the details! 

But, mark your calendar

April 29, 2011 1:45pm-3:00pm


May 21, 2011 1:45pm-3:00pm

The buying and selling will take place in the gym/lunchroom. 

Can’t wait- this will be so much fun!!!

Congrats to our new Mayor

Congrats to our Sage!  Everyone did so well today!  I am so impressed with each of you who participated today!  And I also want to congratulate Shaylynn for doing such an awesome job on her flag.  Her flag one our flag contest.  I was so so so impressed with all of our FLAGS too- you are all such artistic artists!  Way to go!  I love our class so much! 

Can Do City Job Openings

You will have the opportunity to apply for class jobs on Monday. Look over each job description and decide which one you feel you would be excellent at.

Happy Job Hunting!

We Can Change the World with our own Two Hands

The Can Do Kids did such a fabulous job on this Art Project. We are entering these Earth Day projects in the Ogden Nature Center Art Contest. Good Luck to each of you! I know I am bias, but I absolutely love all of these! They give out Grand Prize, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards. These artistic projects will be displayed in the Ogden Nature Center from April 16th to June 3rd 2011. The winners will be invited to an awards program on Earth Day April 16 at 10 am.




City Flag

Please take time to check out the City Flags.  Look carefully at each one, decide which one has symbols that represent our class.  When you have decided on a city flag.  Please vote below.  Remember to only vote once!!!

 Thanks citizens of Can Do City!


Mayor Nominations Accepted

Today citizens of “Can Do City” nominated whom they felt would represent our city well, and be a FABULOUS Mayor!

We had so many nominations!  Not everyone accepted their nomination.  I was very proud of the kids supporting each other and encouraging each other to run for Mayor!  Way to Go Can Do Kids!

The students that accepted their Nominations and Signed the Declaration of Candidacy for Mayor were:

Isabella, Levi, Savanna L, Justice, Shaylynn, Daxton, Kylee, Gracie, Sage, Deontae & Piper

Good Luck to each of you.  Below is a copy of the requirements and special dates needed for our election. 


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