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Pay It Forward

If you have never read the book “One Smile,” by Cindy Mckinley…You must!  It is one of my absolute favorite stories!!!  Not only because I really love to see a child SMILE, (you can ask our class…it is a RULE to always SMILE) but also because it melts my heart to think that our wonderful CAN DO KID class could make a difference in the world by “Paying it Forward!” 

As a class, we have decided that our New Year’s Resolution for 2011 is to take the PAY IT FORWARD challenge! 

*Do something real good, kind, genorous… for three people.  Each.  An then when they ask how they can pay it back, simply say… PAY IT FORWARD, to 3 more people. (and on and on and on)!

We retold our favorite story…if you would like to listen to it… it brings tears to our eyes everytime we read it!  Enjoy!  and PLEASE TAKE THE PAY IT FORWARD CHALLENGE!!!

Please leave a comment below, sharing your

 Pay it Forward experience!  We would love to hear about all

the wonderful things people are doing to change the world!!!




Seriously, one of my favorite books of all time~ At first, the illustrations blew me away.   I loved how realistic they were. Then, a few years back, I read this for the first time to my class and it melted my heart!   It made my heart so happy!   I was sooooo touched!   I use this every year in my teaching and it makes such a difference in my students!   It has such a great impact on them!  

Even the smallest acts of kindness can powerfully impact the lives of others. With  just a simple gesture (a smile) you could ignite a circle of warmth that flows from person to person, touching the hearts and lives of people  you  may never even meet.


I am challenging EACH of my students to PAY IT FORWARD this week.   (and also for the rest of their lives)  

1st:   Share the impact that Katie had in this story with your family.

2nd:   Think of 20 acts of KINDNESS with your family, discuss them and how powerful they are.

3rd: Pay it FORWARD to someone this week.  

4th:   Please leave a comment about HOW you “Paid it Forward” this week.   You as the student can leave a comment or any one in your family could leave a comment.  

ON THURSDAY– I will check who has left me a comment and we will read them in class.   The children will be rewarded if they and or their family  particiapte in this activity.

Good luck and have fun!

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