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Schema Schema

The Can Do Kids have been learning new Reading Stragegies each day in class!  Our main focus has been that READING is THINKING! and Comprehension in UNDERSTANDING!  We have wonderful readers in our 3rd grade class…our job is to make sure that they understand what they read :)

Here are the Can Do Kids singing “Schema Schema”!

Don’t forget to ask your child what SCHEMA means!!!!

Happy Reading!


We have been using our SCHEMA so much the last few weeks.   THe kids love to use their “schema” when trying to make connections with the text we read.   They also really enjoy adding NEW FACTS to their “schema” while reading informational texts!   I love seeing the excitement in their eyes when they tell me that their “schema” about a specific topic is GROWING!!!!     Nothing like getting kids excited to read!   If you would like more information about schema click here:

Enjoy our SONG we sing!   It helps us to remember what “schema” is!


This week we have been reading some INFORMATIONAL texts on Penguins.   The neatest part about this is that we have been “adding” new FACTS to our SCHEMA!   I love listening to them when they have a aha moment.   The excitement fills the room and everyone is enjoying to read!   Some of the new facts that we learned these last couple days were:    


“The male Emperor Penguin puts the egg in his Brood Pouch for 2 months, while the mom goes off to sea to find food,” said Snake.

“The father penguin has to sleep standing up and shuffle his feet while walking to keep egg safe,” said Homer.

“It take 5 months for the baby penguin to grow up into a junior pengiun and be ablel to swim,” said Cheetah Girl.

“Penguin chicks gather in a group called a creche to stay warm,” said Maxi.

“The father takes good care of the egg,” said Pony Girl.

“The father can live a long time without food because he is fatter and bigger,” said Miley.

“Emperor penguins are 4 feet tall,” said Navy.

“The mother penguin swallows the water creatures, then when she meets her baby chick, she throws it up to feed it,” said Lego Master.

“The mother uses her beak to brush the chick’s down,” said Kunglow.

“After the chick hatches from the egg, it is wet and can’t come out of the pouch or it will die from the cold,” said Garfield.

“The mom has to walk for three days to find open water and food,” said OP.

“Seals like to eat penguins,” said Batman.

“The mom toboggans on her way to find food for her baby chick,” said Fall.



Here is a short video clip with Penguins for you to enjoy and extend the learning at home!   Remember, discussing what your child did at school at home is such a Powerful TOol!

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