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Countdown to the First Day of School!

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Back To School Night Idea

For back to school we wanted to send a note home with each of our new students that would really make them smile.  We wanted something more than just a little slip of paper that said “Welcome Back”. We were  going for the FABULOUS FACTOR. :) So, when Mrs. Peterson stumbled upon this concept I was pretty darn excited.  (Things like this make me feel like a kid on Christmas morning)  The idea is a scratch off  note.  Mrs. Peterson and I put our creative minds together and came up with this!!!  We LOVE working together!  The process was a bit time consuming…but totally worth it!  Happy Scratching!


…achieve a sense of BELONGING

…celebrate our differences,

…work on MASTERY

…learn to work INDEPENDENTLY

and together,

…promote positive attitudes,

…discover the perfect solution,

…bring excitement to every day,

…make an impact in the community,

…be GENEROUS toward those in need,

…make a difference.

Through TEAMWORK, all things are possible!


How will you show TEAMWORK

in our Class this school year????

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