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Email Frau S  casandstrom@wsd.net                       Google Voice for recordings  801-784-8891

Filmfreitag quotes

  1. Jumanji  “Ich bin wieder da! Mom! Dad! Ich bin zurück!  Ich bin wieder Zuhause!   Ich bin es. Ich bin’s Alan!  Ich bin zurückgekommen!       Ich bin wieder da!”

Zitat der Woche

  • Aller Anfang ist schwer.

Die Nummern Wettbewerb

Bonneville Deutsch 1 4. Stunde….6

Fremont Deutsch 1 5. Stunde…5      

Fremont Deutsch 1 6. Stunde….6        

BYU Competition Materials

Blog Page for Competition Materials

BYU Page for Rules and Details about the competition


Google Voice   801-784-8891

Ascii Codes for the German letters:

alt+132=ä                  alt+148+ö             alt + 129=ü          alt+225=ß           alt+142=Ä         alt+153=Ö              alt+154=Ü

Events 2016

German Club Hike  Saturday 27 August 2016  Waterfall Canyon, 9:00 am

FHS Homecoming Parade  22 September B Day

BHS Logo Contest:  Logo due Friday 7. October Frau Sandstrom’s room.

BHS Homecoming Street Painting:  Tuesday after school. 

BHS Homecoming Parade 10 Oct0ber 2016 B Day.  Meet 4:45 teacher parking lot to decorate the float.  Wear levis and tshirts–either a Germankrü shirt or white tshirt.
26 October 4:00-6:00 pm  Flowrider activity.  Free for members.  $7 non-member German students. 

November:  TBA

1 December Christkindlmarkt, This is the place monument, 11 am-8 pm.  Parade at 6 pm. A Day,
National German Exam, January

Hof Winterfest 20th January 2017, Weber County Fairgrounds, B Day
Winterlager 27-28 Jan 2017, Environmental Center, A Day
Host an EEI Student March 2017  from Langerwehe, Germany
BYU Language Fair 13 April 2017, A Day, BYU
German Camp 10-14 July 2017 Environmental Center

Ich bin ein Genie!  (Scholarships/Honors)

Sterling Scholar for Foreign Language

 To be a sterling scholar in foreign language, you should

Have at least 3 years of foreign language
Have at least a 3.5 GPA
Have participated in German Camp or some other “out of classroom” experience.
Have some World Language Fair experience or another competitive event.
You should also have community service experience (scouting, city youth councils, church groups).

FHS:  Here is the application. STERLING SCHOLAR

Spend three weeks this summer in Germany with the AATG! 

Here is the link.  http://www.aatg.org/?page=StudentInfo
Scholarships based on financial need are available for this program.

Apply to be a Congress Bundestag Scholar and spend a year in Germany! 


Graduating this year and want to spend a year in Germany working? 

Try for the Congress Bundestag Vocational Scholarship!  Deadline end of January.

Seniors:  Planning on attending Utah State University?

Apply for the Thaine Scholarship for high school seniors enrolling at USU who have a least a 3.5 GPA.  Recipient must matriculate in a philosophy or language course.  Deadline end of February.

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