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Beginning of Year Review, German 2+

(German Soccer) Introductions  SoccerIntroductions

Classroom Management

Giving Thanks (Lesson Plan)

Holiday Stuff

Quick Christmas Assembly Skit

It was fast and easy, written by our German club president, but perhaps useful for some of you.  Final product took about 2 minutes of stage time.  We projected the picture of the town as the backdrop for the skit.

Christmas Cards.  Here are files for blank cards for your students to make.  Print them on colored card stock, cut in half and then fold in half.  I’ve included one page of things they could write on the inside.

Humorous2    Humorous3   Humorous4    Humorous5   RoofReindeer   SantaArbeitsamt   SantaGlobalWarming   SilentnightLovers   SnoopySantaCard   CaptionsFor Cards

Halloween Activity 2014  2014_2

Movie Worksheets

Dirk Nowitzki:  The Perfect Shot  PerfectShot

Lola Rennt  Lola Rennt


Most Powerful People of 2013  MostPowerfulPeople2013

Media Resources for German  NewsSources

Beliebste Vornamen in den Jahren 2000 bis 2009  FrauenVornamen2000    JungenVornamen2000

Ideas to teach accusative case  Ideas to teach accusative

10 Mächtigsten Menschen der Welt  10MächtigstenPersonen

Snakes and Ladders for 2-Way Prepositions Dative Case Snake_2_Way_Dative

Answers to Snakes and Ladders for 2-Way prepositions SnakesLaddersAntworten

Wie geht’s conversation table for the Utube link. ConversationTableWieGehts

You Tube link for Wie geht’s (Easy German) movie




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