Math 8 Week of October 9 – October 13, 2017

***Be sure to complete your 10 topics on ALEKS by Sunday night at Midnight–Can do 5 more for extra credit.****

**OCTOBER PIE GOAL is 40%*****

Monday Oct 9 — Graphing Coordinates/Identifying slope & Y-Intercept from Slope-Intercept Form Worksheet (lime green) Math 8 Intro to Linear Equations

Tuesday Oct 10 –Solving Linear Equations for Y to put in Slope Intercept Form Worksheet (pink) Math 8 – Solving for y to put in Slope-Intercept Form

Wednesday Oct 11 –Graphing Linear Equations from a Table Worksheet (green) Graphing from a table

Thursday Oct 12 — Finding Slope of Lines between 2 Points Worksheet (turquoise) Math 8 Finding Slope

Friday Oct 13 — 2.2 Pg 59-60 1-3 all, 7-14 all, 15-25 odd


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