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    September 16th, 2013Hibbert Mellott2nd Grade

    Welcome to our class Blog!

    You can also check out our second grade or school website for more cool stuff.

    Just some quick reminders…

    All reading tests are done  on WEDNESDAYS.

    Homework packets and reading charts go home on Thursday and are due the following Wednesday.


                      Here is  all of our back to school information… 


    Welcome to Second Grade

    Mrs. Hibbert & Mrs. Mellott’s Class


    Welcome back to school! We are very excited to be your teachers for second grade. To help you better understand the policies and expectations for the students in second grade we have included the following information.


    HOMEWORK: (See homework link)

    MATH: We will be teaching many strategies in math to help your child progress to harder concepts. Please be encouraging and supportive. If there are any concepts you do not understand feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to explain the strategy.

    TEXTBOOKS: Students are responsible for the care and keeping of textbooks, reading books, and library books. Lost or damaged books will be replaced at the expense of the student.

    SUPPLIES:  We would like each student to have a book bag. For more donations see the supply list attached.

    STAR STUDENT:   Each week one student will be highlighted. This is a fun opportunity for the whole class to get to know your child better. They will get to make a poster and have the experience of participating in a few simple activities. More information will follow when it is your child’s turn.

    BIRTHDAY/TREATS: Birthday treats are optional. You are welcome to send a birthday treat for your child. We have 25 students in our class this year. The law does not permit us to have homemade treats. Also if your child has a birthday during the summer we will celebrate it during the spring months. We will inform you when that will be.

    CLASS PARTIES: We will be having a Halloween and Valentine’s Day party. We will need a head room mother and other volunteers to help with those parties.

    VOLUNTEERS: We have many opportunities for parents to help in our classroom. A signup sheet will be provided and you will be contacted if interested. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE parent volunteers and appreciate all you do!

    DISCIPLINE:  We will be sending home a behavior chart every Friday to keep you updated on your child’s behavior. Please sign the chart and send it with your child’s homework packet due on Wednesday.

    BEFORE & AFTER SCHOOL: All the doors to the school will be locked until the first bell. Students will be required to stay outside until the first bell rings. (Unless noted due to bad weather.) 2nd grade students may play on or around the South playground until the first bell rings. When the first bell rings student will go to their designated door and line up. Students who arrive before 8:05 AM will have no supervision and parents will be liable and accountable for their child.  All children will be dismissed at 3:10 PM (1:10 on Wed.) Make note of the crosswalks and please use them.

    SCHEDULE:  Mrs. Hibbert will be here at school every Monday, Tuesday and every other Wednesday and Mrs. Mellott will be at school every Thursday, Friday and every other Wednesday. As teachers, we communicate very well with each other and parents. Our teaching styles and discipline procedures are also the same. We have had great success and cooperation as we work together.

    E-MAILS/BLOG: If you need to contact us, email is wonderful. We will be checking our emails daily. Please send the email to both of us and the teacher working that day will respond. You may also check out our class blog by going through the school’s website.

    chhibbert@wsd.net                       timellott@wsd.net.

               Your support and cooperation in making this a successful school year is greatly appreciated. We look forward to working with your child.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at the school, email, write a note, or schedule a time when we can meet.


    Mrs. Hibbert and Mrs. Mellott

    Phone: (801)452-4220