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    Jan 22nd Homework



    Jan 16th Homework




    Top:昨天Yesterday, 今天Today, 明天Tomorrow
    Circle if the sentence is correct according to the picture.
    1. Yesterday it rained hard on the mountain.
    2. Tomorrow is not going to rain.
    3. Today it rained a little on the mountain.

    Bottom: Matching the right word to right picture.
    月(moon) 日(sun) 生日(birthday)


    Complete the sentence below according to the picture above.
    (今)(天)小马在山(上)Today the horse in on top of the mountain.
    (昨)(天)小羊在山(下)Yesterday the small sheep is at the bottom of the mountain.
    (明)(天)小牛(在)(水)里 Tomorrow the cow is in the water. 



    7昨天yesterday, 8今天today, 9明天tomorrow

    1.Yesterday is (the boy with a smile)’s birthday. yes/ no
    2. Today is the girl’s birthday. yes/no
    3. Tomorrow is (the boy with spiky hair)’s birthday. yes/ no

    Chinese writing:
    (昨)(天)是the boy with spiky hair的(生)(日)
    (今)(天)是the boy with a smile 的 (生)(日)

    Jan 8th Homework




    Dec 11th homework


          (boy and girl are in the rain)



    Dec 4th homework



    Nov. 27 homework



    Nov 13th Homework



    Oct 30th Homework



    Capture1Top: Circle all the 人(person) and circle all the 山(mountain)

    Bottom: match word to picture. 人(person), 山(mountain)

    3 Top: circle all the 山 and 水

    Bottom: match the word to the picture 人(person) 水(water) 山(mountain)

    Oct 23 Homework



    new doc 5_2 (1)Copy the sentence above.

    Where is the little horse? Little horse is right here.

    new doc 5_4Where is the big dog? The big dog is right here.

    new_doc_1_1[1]Top: Write down the words that matches the picture. 坐 sit, 在here, 里inside, 坐sit, 不no

    Bottom: connect the pictures to the right word. 坐sit, 不not, 里inside, 在here


    new doc 3_1Top: circle the right word according to the picture.

    Bottom: Complete the sentences.

    (坐) 在这 (里)
    (在) 哪 (里)?
    (在) 这 (里)

    Oct16 Homework



    new_doc_3_1[1] Top left: circle SIT (坐)Top right: circle all NOT (不)

    Connect the picture to the word 坐(sit) 不(no/not)

    new_doc_3_2[1]Top left: Circle all 里(in/ inside)Top right: circle all 在(here/ exist)

    Bottom: connect picture to the right word 里(in/inside) 坐(sit) 在(here/ exist)