Do Now! October 6-13

October 6-13 Do now!

Math 8 Do Now Sept 25-Oct 2

Sept 25-Oct 2 Do Now!

Here are your Do Now! (Warm-ups). Some students are quickly falling behind. Please come and see me if you aren’t understanding distribution, combining like terms, one-step, two-step, multi-step equations.

Also, many students haven’t started ALEKS. You still can get credit for what you have missed, but you need to get started soon. By this Sunday you should have taken your assessment and have at least 10 topics. You can get extra credit for extra topics.

Spanish 3

Rags to Riches Direct Objects

Quia Direct Objects

Direct Objects Practice on your own

Direct Objects More Practice

Here is a link for all of your unit 1 vocabulary words in quizlet. So far we have been working on 1.1 and 1.2

Spanish 1

Here are some new links to practice vocabulary and to review for your speaking test. You can still scroll down and practice previous sets, but we have started learning some unit 3 vocabulary (3.2 physical description).

Quizlet to Practice Questions for Speaking Test
Link to four quizlets for unit 3 vocabulary

Spanish 3

Link to Study Direct Object Pronouns

Direct objects

Do Now! Sept 18-22 (4)

September 18-22 Do Now!
Sept 21, 2017

ALEKS and Help with Two Step Equations

Don’t forget to do your ALEKS by Sunday! You should take the assessment and then spend more time doing topics!

Here are a couple of videos I found that you can watch to help you learn how to do two step equations. Please do the problems on the back of our notes today. Then we will keep practicing on Monday.
how do you solve a two step equation?
solving two step equations with a fraction in it
practice two step equations

Remember we have to go in the opposite order.
1-undo subtraction or addition
2-undo multiplication or division
3-check your answer

Math 8 Combining Like Terms and Distributing

We only had 25% of the students get an 8 or higher on the quiz yesterday, so we tried to reteach and review today. Hoping to give the quiz again sometime next week and get our scores up higher.

Here is a link with a bunch of activities/games to practice at home.

Most of the students did well on the one step equations quiz, so we will not be redoing this one in class. Please see me, if you need some extra help and you can retake this test sometime.

Access to Math Book at Home

Link to Online Math Book

Spanish 3

to Nationalities

Positive Characteristics Quizlet