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    4th Grade After School  To-Do List

    1. 30 minutes of reading (Read to someone out loud twice a week.)
    2. Record your reading on Road to Success
    3. Practice your spelling words & dictation sentences.
    4. Math fluency practice


    Thank you to Kylee W., Caleb, & Orlando for making this awesome long division video!

    Thank you Brooklyn and Caleb for making this video!!

    Different Multiplication Methods… by Brooklyn and Zane

    Multiplication methods…. made by your teacher!

    Sharing what we’ve learned…

    We made these using “Educreations,” an app you can use on iPads, tablets,  and computers to make lessons and presentations and share what you’ve learned with others.







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  • Hi Ms. Smith! I miss you! For Christmas I got a Kindle Fire. I only have two games and five books so far.Christmas has come by so fast. See you in school soon. I MISS YOU!

  • Ashlie Chaston

    Hi Mrs. Smith! I really miss you! Sounds like your having fun in Coure dalene Tessa is so cute! [but Claras not forrgotten.]Well, tommorow i’m going camping! Sorry I couldn’t send you an E-Mail sooner. I’ve just been busy lately.

    Have fun in Coure dalane,


  • Well, I don’t have a daily joke… but might as well tell you whats going on. First off, I went to my sister’s house. Man! The drive was longer, and more cramped than I expected. And for some of the way my nephew was crying — which sucked — and made the drive probably longer. And secondly, I talked a lot during the drive, but [not as much as Darbey though LOL].
    Your student, friend, comedian, xbox live friend,
    Hunter Ragan
    Colonel James Ragan

    p.s. miss ya

  • Hey mrs smith I mis you so much and I hope I see you again I’m going to my knew school know so I hope you hav a great year with your new school kids:)

    I am going to miss you so much!!! Always keep in touch with me, okay? COSMITH@WSD.NET

  • I miss midland. I’m in DaVinci now so I can’t see you . I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Mrs. Smith,

    Came by to learn more about Krypto but learned more about your students from the comments instead.

    If I ever have the success you’ve garnered as evidenced by those comments, then I will truly believe I have made a positive difference in the world.

    Good work, great inspiration.

    4th grade in 1967

  • hey remember what you taught us in forth grade? About Powerpoint? Well, we have to do 2 assignments and I am the only one who knows the most about PowerPoint! Not even our teacher knows a lot about it so mine is!!!!!!! miss you best teacher

    Yes, Seth! That makes me feel tons better. Miss you, too…. best student!

  • Stockton Taylor

    I miss being in fourth grade!!! 7th grade is so hard. I so wish I could come back to your class!

  • Hey mrs smith I miss you so much!

  • i will miss you mrs.smith

  • Dear Mrs.Smith

    The video you posted is really funny and i am really enjoying my 5 th grade summer packet

  • Ms. Smith I broke my arm on the 9th. It sucks… You’ll get to see my cast at least.

  • Hi, Mrs Smith I was just looking threw our binders we made way back when I was in 4th grade. Dang I have changed alot sense then hahah my brother called me a loser cause we played chess at recces but thats ok cause it was a blast!! Well good luck with this year!!

    Bryson Wilson

  • Kaylyce and Morgan

    We love you Mrs. Smith Morgan is not in your class but she’s the sister of Jaxon Hayes and my best friend we were just having fun on her iPad and wanted to say hi

  • hi MRS.Smith i hope this comment sends if it does I just wanted to know if you had a skype. have a good weak

  • hi I will send u a message every day please don’t get anoyed. See you tommorow!!!!!!!

  • i miss u

  • Serenity Furse

    Hey miss you Mrs. Smith. You are an awesome teacher and still one of my favorites.

  • I miss you and the 39 Musketeers! I’m going into high school now. I’ll be a sophomore. It’s so weird to think that. Just know you have helped me become part of who I am today. I miss you, Smithy.

  • Sabrina Bowers

    Hello Mrs. Smith I miss seeing you guys. Kentucky is great and P.S. , fly away bird is flying far away to England next year!

  • Hey Mrs.Smith I am moving on Friday and I am very sad because I have been going to school here sen kindergarten.

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