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Policies and Procedures

Posted by Ms. Ottley

Ms. Ottley teaches 8th & 9th grade English Language Arts (Ottley ELA Class disclosure). Disclosures should be signed by the student signing into Google classroom and completing the disclosure form with a parent/guardian.

Each class has a separate tab where you’ll find each class’s daily assignments and important information specific to the class, so be sure to click on the correct page’s tab (above) to scroll down and see what we have been doing each day.

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Everyone MUST turn in a Book Response (150 POINTS!!!–You must DO one EVERY quarter!), and it is “due” the first day of the quarter. 2nd quarter’s book response is CUT-OFF from being turned in after January 4, 2019!!!  This assignment cannot be turned in “late” because your window of opportunity to turn it in is only open October 29 through January 4th!

*IMPORTANT Note: While the CUT-OFF date for the Book Response is 1-4-19, a ZERO for this assignment WILL BE ENTERED ONTO MIDTERM GRADE (11-27-18) and will show as missing until turned in. The purpose is to indicate what your grade will be without turning it in. If you don’t like having a zero there, then turn the assignment in!!!

ELA COURSE DESCRIPTION and OBJECTIVES: This course is designed to develop proficiency in the mechanics of composition, usage, vocabulary, critical thinking, listening and speaking skills, and reading strategies.
Be sure to print Ottley ELA Class disclosure, read with a parent or guardian, sign and turn into Ms. Ottley.

Daily assignments will all be posted on this blog.

  • Mugshots:

Mugshots are our daily grammar exercise, which we will usually be doing the first few minutes of each class. A mugshot is a sentence that is written incorrectly that students will edit for conventions and then diagram to identify specific things within the sentence. Your mugshots need to be kept in a folder or binder with the rest of the work you do in this class, as we do not turn them in everyday. After we complete five mugshots, I will inform you of which mugshot you’ll be quizzed on, so that you may study in order to do well on the quiz. Before the quiz, you’ll turn in the five mugshots, which are worth 25 points for the entire set. A mugshot quiz is worth 25 points.

To diagram the mugshot use these marks: indicate where each clause is by using brackets [clause], then use a small ind or sub to tell whether the clause is independent or subordinate, underline each subject once and underline the predicates twice, put a box around each adjective, circle each adverb, and put prepositional phrases in parentheses (prep. ph.).   Mugshot Example

  • Required Reading Points:

Students are responsible to read a minimum of 300 pages (this number is a goal–students may read less. However, points will be deducted for reading under 250 pages. Although, some points are always better than NO points!) each quarter. This is an assignment that is worth 150 POINTS!!! The book(s) you choose must be different from the ones we read in class. To assess this important assignment, each student will be required to complete a BOOK RESPONSE; this is NOT a book report. Students must respond critically to what they have read. Here is the format for your Book Response (you may type or handwrite your answers; you may also just print a copy of the response and write in the spaces provided).

  • Extra Credit:

Many of you might be wondering about extra credit. The most important thing to remember is that if you have missing work, you should always get those assignments turned in first. After you make sure that you have all of your missing assignments turned in, then you may gain extra credit points by going above and beyond the required reading points by completing an extra Book Response. Points will vary based on the number of pages the book has and the quality of your writing when it comes to answering the questions, which are stated on the format sheet.


Ms. Ottley

6 Responses to “Policies and Procedures”

  1. Megan basler Says:

    I had a question about the article of the week #3, it has no titles for the paragraphs do i still split them up and do as i always do? Or do i just summarize the entire paper and write what they are doing as well in the whole paper?

  2. crottley Says:

    Follow the directions (at the top of the article written in tiny print). For the directions on #2 it states how you should chunk the paragraphs.

  3. Kim Stryker Says:

    Hello Mrs. Ottley,
    Sam is missing the Chapter 4 Writing Assignment. I cannot locate the information for that on your blog. Will you please let me know from where we can access it/
    Kim Stryker

  4. crottley Says:

    It is posted on the 8th grade page of my blog on Mon. 9/21 as well as last Thursday & Friday’s date. Just click on the link for the Ch 4 writing assignment to open the document.

  5. Connie Delamater Says:

    Mrs. Ottley, I dropped off DeSeans “Reward” at lunchtime as agreed. We told him that you will be checking his “tracker”,checking for assignments (In the Navy blue folder in the back of his notebook, and will be helping him with his assignments. Please let me know when he needs more “Rewards”. I will keep my fingers crossed that this works well. Thank you so much for accommodating this young man.

    Connie Delamater

  6. crottley Says:

    Thank you. I have his rewards, and Mr. Simmons spent time explaining how his tracker and rewards system will be used.

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